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NEM (XEM) is going ahead with Wrapped XEM like Wrapped BTC

Nem Xem Wrapped Copper

NEM delightedly announced their new partnership with digital asset infrastructure provider Copper.co and an immediate listing of XEM on Copper, bringing innovative products in the digital asset space, and helping NEM build a deeper and richer ecosystem.

It is important to note that “Symbol Blockchain Project” from NEM is very eagerly awaited.  Symbol is expected to deliver greater security, scalability, and higher transaction speeds in the business sector. NEM is well known for their Proof of Importance (POI) hashing algorithm.  

For those who do not know Copper, they are a digital asset infrastructure provider.  By agreement Copper have partnered with NEM, the pioneer global blockchain development company. 

Copper have been securely connecting institutional investors to digital assets.  The crypto assets, which are supported by Copper are secured with (MPC) Multi Party Computation Wallets.  Also, their clients are facilitated with crypto crime insurance policy from A+ insurers.  These insurances are tailor made for digital assets.

Dmitry Tokarev, CEO at Copper, expressed “Not only is NEM is one of the early innovators in blockchain, but it continues to be a global leader in redefining this industry. As such, it’s a great privilege to be extending Copper’s ironclad security and custodial services to support their spearheading team in the delivery and growth of the next-generation Symbol blockchain.”

Iain Wilson, CFO at NEM, expressed “It’s great to partner with a leader in institutional infrastructure like Copper. Their products are genuinely innovative in the digital asset space and help NEM build a deeper and richer ecosystem.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “NEM (XEM) partnering with Copper.Co is good news considering their award winning custody technology.”

NEM (XEM) Going Busy with Wrapped XEM

Just like Wrapped BTC there is something called Wrapped XEM from NEM.

NEM tweeted:  “Join the AMA live today at 10am UTC and put your questions to @stakedTokens‘s Albert Castellana and #NEMGroup’s Iain Wilson about the #NEM & Stakehound partnership, #DeFi, and what #WrappedXEM means! Tweet your Q’s using #NEMStakehoundAMA.”

StakeHound are bringing staking and DeFi together while eliminating the hard choice between earning staking rewards and liquidity. StakeHound are building up a bridge which will unlock the $20 billion market that is currently locked in staking to the DeFi ecosystem.

Iain Wilson, CFO of NEM Group in the AMA has conveyed to people about why this is useful, why this is important and a lot of other stuff.  Those who are interested might want to check in to the recorded version of the AMA.

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