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Online Political Election Voting System via Blockchain

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You probably heard of Bitcoin and Blockchain every day; however, it must be noted that blockchain technology is way far beyond cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

You see: it’s a platform which is utilized for performing economic transactions in the safest and incorruptible way. In fact, this kind of technology can be utilized not just for economic transactions. It can also be utilized for anything of worth virtually. Blockchain technology is being employed today in the airline sector, food safety sector, fashion and accessory sector, pharmaceutical sector and a lot more.

In the era where technology has met a point where researchers are coming up with flying vehicles, why is one of the crucial systems which develop the government of a nation still fitted and unsecured? Along with the development of technology, everything now has become a lot more suitable and clear. However, why is this technology not being utilized to perform simple and honest elections?

The Challenge with Current Voting System

In the majority of nations, voting is a privilege and right for each adult. Then, why does not the whole adult population of a region go ahead and vote during the Election Day? Perhaps, that’s because the voting center is a bit far. People need to go and stand in long lines only to cast a single vote. Others trust that their vote doesn’t count because of imbalanced election results.

But, the solution to this gigantic issue has come. A platform that permits blending the ideal mix of politics and technology into one. This leads to the creation of blockchain technology. Imagine if this technology can be employed for so many different purposes; why can it not be employed for the most vital function, which is voting?

The Solution

Blockchain voting is considered to be an online voting platform which enables a hassle-free, secure, fast, and reliable method for the sole purpose of voting. What’s more: voting can totally transform the manner people vote for the best. That will leave no scope of question or doubt in the mind of the voters.

In the age of technology and modern day, there are particular things which work best through traditional ways. Nonetheless, voting isn’t one of such things. Voting is the procedure by which the people of a nation select their leaders. That process must be extremely secure, accurate, and definitely fair; all of which are major characteristics of the blockchain.

Blockchain technology is transparent, immutable, and can’t be hacked to alter the results. For that reason, blockchain voting can be an effective way to do elections. That will guarantee that there won’t be voter fraud and no duplication of votes, which leads to an honest and fair election. Voting through blockchain is the prerequisite of today’s adult and a democratic population who believes they can bring a change to this planet.

On the other hand, one blockchain platform that has the potential to change the voting system is XinFin. XinFin (XDCE) is a Singaporean-based blockchain which established a commercial grade and highly scalable secure permissioned hybrid blockchain which leverages public blockchain tech while being enterprise ready.

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