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Reality Check for Blockchain – Not to Miss Futuristic Technology


Several blockchain conferences around the world are being organized to explore the impact and the advantages of this technology.  Several conferences are being organized purely focusing on the blockchain technology. Literally, everything that is done will have its roots in the blockchain in terms of infrastructure.

Case studies with cutting-edge analytical strategies are focused on deploying blockchain technology across different market segment and industries.

Organizations that are focused on developing deep-tech companies are willing to capitalize in the research and development tasks related to blockchain technology.

This technology is looking upon to improve the sustainability aspects in the supply chain management industry. It is an important tool in access management, service delivery, and related technologies.

STO advisors place a great emphasis on this technology as they have seen the technology work well in the real estate industry. Interestingly, it works well in macroeconomic issues in international scenarios.

There are a plethora of benefits promised by this technology to any business. There is a whole lot of buzz about this technology in the private sector, but this technology has a lot to do for the public sector. Specialist workshops on this technology are providing encouraging proof about the benefits this technology can provide for enterprises, governments, developers, and investors.

The technology has promising application in banking and finance, supply chain and logistics, insurance, energy, healthcare, government, transport, telecoms, HR, marketing and advertising, retail, entertainment, and content, property and construction, regulation and policy, charity, legal, investors, ICOs, and all of these are impossible without the developers on job, so job opportunity for developer.

All reality checks prove that this is a not to miss futuristic technology. Innovative strategies help make this disruptive technology real. Increased innovation without stifling the technology enables the regulators to allow the blockchain technology to go mainstream.  The phase of the proof of concept is over, and it is the time where the concept is making way to the real-time world as a real-time technology.

Without collaboration, this technology will not be able to reach its full potential. Industrializing this technology will revolutionize the gaming industry too. In the social media, trust-based business networks can be created. Crypto finance is a boon of this technology that connects venture capitalists with those who are seeking investors.

This technology is more than a catchphrase now; competition is propelling enterprises to adopt this technology into their processes. XinFin is helping enterprises develop customized dApps to suit their business process by making use of the hybrid blockchain technology.

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Sydney Ifergan

Sydney has 20+ years commercial experience and has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large FX brokerage.

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