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Scientific Research Data to be Documented Using Blockchain Technology

Scientific Research Data

Data collection and analysis is significant in any scientific research process.  There are not enough platforms to provide with the required controls and mechanisms to safeguard the scientific findings. Data preservation using blockchain can provide a breakthrough in the way scientific research is organized.

Blockchain technology is being explored for application in scientific research. Integrating blockchain for data collection is the latest trend in the happening.  The dynamic collaboration will make it possible for researchers to track their work beyond institutional borders. Of note, IBM is working on this non-financial sector. They have as well applied for a patent.

This patent is for an elaborate software that will provide with a tamper-resistant log if the scientific research process.  Thus the blockchain technology can be used to represent a research project.  The blockchain will consist of the first block of research data. There will be a log on the analysis performed on the research data.  There will be correction blocks and summary blocks.  This can further be added to the blockchain. This will represent the post analysis of the research results.

This application is titled Blockchain for Open Scientific Research. Of note, there are limited platforms that permit the sharing of information concerning scientific research.  The data collection will be transparent, and the analysis steps will be open as well.  The required controls and the mechanisms that exist provide for accurate data.  And there are options enabled to ensure that the data is resistant to modification.

Several other companies are willing to provide their distributed ledger technology for application in the scientific realm.  For instance, Xin-Fin Foundation a non-profit organization liaise with international governments to reduce the gap in global infrastructure. Xin-Fin provides for a customizable blockchain transaction platform that can be custom modified for scientific applications.

The data structure of the scientific research, when preserved in a serialized manner, can help solve many issues concerning managing data in scientific research.   Transparency and accountability in the analysis is very important in scientific data management.  The credibility of the documented data is ensured.  Several challenges involved in traditional database management system can be efficiently dealt.

Every entry is recorded by time and the details of who made the entry will also be transparent. The future is indeed bright with the application of this technology.  This technology has already been successfully integrated to manage medical records, and now by venturing into technology, this technology can help us reach to the analysis of origins of life and there will soon be an ecosystem of scientific technology powered by blockchain research.


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