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Search Giant Google Enters the Blockchain Search Business

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The data analytical platform from Google provides with the facility to search for blockchain-based data related to Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic has been added to Google’s BigQuery platform to make it easy for developers and other technology experts to be able to search for specific technical information on the blockchain network.

This is one of the significant attempts by the ETC community to increase the role of their Altcoin in the cryptocurrency market.  It is expected that ETC based firms will benefit from this feature.  Startups that are working using this platform are likely to experience an increase in their businesses as well.

Google is analyzing the suit of tools meant for and by open source developers.  Most of these tools are live.   This tool can be used to load datasets for every transaction.  The metadata can also be searched for using this tool.

The data sets of about 8 cryptocurrencies will be made available using this tool.  This includes data sets for tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Allen Day, the Google Cloud developer advocate along with his team of developers from across the world will be launching many tools that are designed to make use of the blockchain. What Google did to the internet will soon happen to blockchain?

Day stated, “I’m interested in quantifying what is happening to ensure that we can see where the real and legitimate use cases lie for the blockchain.”  He further added that people would be able to acknowledge and move to the next use case by developing the most appropriate technology.

Evegeny Medvedev, loaded the transactional information for Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain respectively. This data was loaded discreetly to the Google’s BigQuery big data analytics platform.

Medvedev, further studied the details of how developers were using this software.  He stated that to date developers have been taking the data, and they are making datasets available for the use of Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dodge Coin, and Ethereum Classic.

The extract, transform, and load software called the Dubbed Blockchain ETL consists of features that help with Google’s BigQuery ML (Machine Learning) tool.  This was beta tested in the past year.

The patterns in the transaction flow to provide for machine learning integration, which will automatically give the user with necessary information about how the cryptocurrency addresses should be used.

There will be a time in the future when the BigQuery ML integration will be able to identify the cryptocurrency addresses of a single entity.

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