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Terra Luna Classic Community Unanimously Approves Crucial Blockchain Upgrade

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In a momentous development for the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem, Proposal 11766 has achieved resounding approval, thanks to the overwhelming support of its community. The proposal, submitted by the L1 Terra Classic Task Force (L1TF) core developer group, is set to usher in version 2.2.1 of the Terra Luna Classic blockchain. This milestone marks a significant turning point in the network’s evolution, as it implements crucial changes that have previously received endorsement through governance voting.

A Groundswell of Support

The Terra Luna Classic community has demonstrated an exceptional degree of unity and consensus with an astonishing 99.85% of participants voting “Yes” for Proposal 11766. Out of the 50 validators who actively participated in the governance voting process, an overwhelming 49 gave their wholehearted support to the proposal. Notably, prominent validators such as Allnodes, Interstellar Lounge, HappyCattyCrypto, Stakely, 1maxfee, and several others have championed this transformative upgrade.

This near-unanimous support reflects the conviction within the Terra Luna Classic community that Proposal 11766 is poised to bring about pivotal changes for the blockchain. To understand the significance of this upgrade and why it has generated such excitement among the community, let’s delve deeper into its implications.

Unlocking the Potential: What Proposal 11766 Entails

The approval of Proposal 11766 is a watershed moment for Terra Luna Classic, heralding a substantial transformation for the blockchain. Here’s a closer look at the key components of this proposal and the reasons behind the buzz it has generated:

  1. Version 2.2.1 Upgrade: Proposal 11766 paves the way for the implementation of version 2.2.1 of the Terra Luna Classic blockchain. This version promises enhanced functionality, improved performance, and increased security measures.
  2. Governance Endorsement: One of the noteworthy aspects of this upgrade is that it aligns with decisions made through governance voting. Terra Luna Classic’s governance model has played a crucial role in shaping the direction of the blockchain, and Proposal 11766 is a testament to the effectiveness of this decentralized decision-making process.
  3. Community Cohesion: The overwhelming support from both validators and participants in the voting process underscores the strong sense of community cohesion within Terra Luna Classic. This unity is a driving force behind the network’s continued growth and development.
  4. Leading Validators Back the Upgrade: Some of the most influential validators within the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem have thrown their support behind Proposal 11766. Validators such as Allnodes, Interstellar Lounge, HappyCattyCrypto, Stakely, and 1maxfee are well-respected within the community, and their endorsement of the upgrade lends it significant credibility.
  5. Improvements in Store: While the specific details of the upgrade are yet to be fully disclosed, the Terra Luna Classic community can look forward to a blockchain that is more robust, efficient, and secure. These improvements are expected to have a positive impact on user experience, developer engagement, and the overall health of the ecosystem.

A Glimpse into Terra Luna Classic’s Future

As Terra Luna Classic moves forward with the approval of Proposal 11766, the future appears promising for this blockchain ecosystem. The combination of community support, governance-driven decision-making, and the backing of influential validators positions Terra Luna Classic for continued success.

The journey from proposal submission to overwhelming approval exemplifies the power of decentralized networks and the commitment of the Terra Luna Classic community to its growth and evolution. It also showcases the collaborative spirit that is driving innovation within the blockchain space.


The resounding approval of Proposal 11766 by the Terra Luna Classic community is a historic moment in the blockchain’s journey. With version 2.2.1 on the horizon, the network is set to benefit from enhancements that will elevate its performance and security. The overwhelming support from validators and participants underscores the unity and shared vision within Terra Luna Classic.

As the blockchain ecosystem continues to evolve, Terra Luna Classic’s commitment to decentralized governance and community-driven decision-making serves as a testament to the strength of this network. With influential validators backing the upgrade, the future looks promising for Terra Luna Classic, and the broader blockchain community eagerly awaits the positive impact of Proposal 11766 on this innovative ecosystem.

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