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Thailand Gears Up for the World Blockchain Summit 2023: A Groundbreaking Global Event in Bangkok’s Tech Landscape

Thailand Blockchain Summit

As the world prepares to bid adieu to 2023, Thailand is set to host a transformative event, the World Blockchain Summit, signaling the country’s ambitious drive towards tech innovation and digital transformation. Scheduled to unfold at Bangkok’s prestigious Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers on December 13-14, 2023, this summit promises to be a global rendezvous for Blockchain enthusiasts, experts, and innovators.

Thailand’s steadfast commitment to embracing digital assets is redefining its strategic vision, famously known as Thailand 4.0. The country’s proactive approach in fostering Blockchain innovation and integration into critical sectors of its economy marks a pivotal shift towards becoming Southeast Asia’s epicenter for Blockchain advancements.

Amidst a conducive regulatory framework and an inviting investment landscape, Thailand beckons both emerging startups and established industry players to partake in shaping its economic landscape through transformative Blockchain solutions. The government’s endorsement of digital asset adoption solidifies Blockchain’s integral role in actualizing Thailand 4.0.

The World Blockchain Summit Bangkok, abbreviated as #WBSBangkok, is all set to explore an array of compelling themes and trends steering the market forward. Engaging keynote discussions, insightful panel sessions, and impactful use-case presentations by industry leaders will delve into topics such as Web3 implications for enterprises, the ebb, and flow of bear and bull market trends, bridging DeFi and CeFi, Blockchain interoperability, and digital asset solutions for businesses, among others.

This summit serves as a congregation for over 600 Web3 decision-makers and 100 investors, poised to absorb knowledge from 30+ distinguished speakers and experts in the Blockchain domain. Adding to the fervor, the event hosts the regional finale of the Startup World Cup, an esteemed competition organized by Pegasus Ventures. The crowned victor earns an exclusive chance to pitch at the global finals in San Francisco and seize a funding prize worth US$1 million.

Eminent personalities set to grace the summit include trailblazers like Eeshaan Sachatheva from Ethereal Ventures, Shogo Ishida from EMURGO, Danilo S. Carlucci of Morningstar Ventures, Darius A from Vary’s Capital, Kanyarat Saengsawang representing The Sandbox in Thailand, Cecelia Wong from YourPRStrategist, and Bogdan C. Stanache, the President of Innes Global.

Sharath Kumar, the Commercial Director at Trescon, the organizing body, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “As Bangkok’s innovation and tech landscape surges forward, Blockchain-based solutions are poised to be a key driver in Thailand’s digital transformation journey. The World Blockchain Summit is the ideal platform where Blockchain trailblazers share groundbreaking insights and innovations.”

Scheduled for December 13-14, 2023, at the esteemed Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers, the World Blockchain Summit is more than a congregation of enthusiasts; it’s a vibrant platform fostering dialogue among industry leaders, visionaries, and aficionados of Web3 technology. In a bid to explore the transformative power of Blockchain, the summit will dissect Thailand’s grand vision, Thailand 4.0, and its symbiotic relationship with Blockchain integration.

Registration for the World Blockchain Summit Bangkok is now open, offering early bird tickets for enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in this pinnacle event of Blockchain and crypto innovation. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary confluence shaping the future of technology and digital economy.

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