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Top ICO and Blockchain Expert Nikolay Shkilev becomes an Official Advisor to Decoin – the First POS Profit-Sharing Exchange Platform

Nikolay Shkilev

Top ICO advisor and a Top 10 ICObench expert, Nikolay Shkilev has officially joined the team of the first POS profit-sharing exchange platform, titled Decoin. Nikolay Shkilev has a long and proven history with working with various ICO projects and businesses and is expected to bring his major knowledge and experience in the financial industry to the newly launched crypto coin. Moreover, Nikolay Shkilev has been involved in many large-scale projects and has won many awards in the areas of IT and technologies, such as Super TOP award and Tech Guru award. His expertise and enthusiasm for the financial markets certainly qualifies him as a valuable new asset to the team of Decoin. Here’s what Nikolay Shkilev says about his involvement with Decoin:

 I joined Decoin because I checked the project and the white-papers and I liked the idea. I receive about 40-50 projects per day and I can say that Decoin idea is much better than many others I have seen, and, is a good idea to all parties – people and traders.  The Decoin project has a huge potential!

It’s no surprise that top ICO experts and professionals, such as Nikolay Shkilev have become part of the Decoin community. Decoin has grabbed the attention of many entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency users with its unique features and dozens of benefits, given to the clients. These are some of the following characteristics of the new coin that will give you a clear perspective of why it’s generating such a buzz:

  • POS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm

Decoin has developed a unique POS (Proof of Stake) algorithm, thanks to which, loyal clients would be able to receive a 6.2% annual interest return on average. Decoin stands out from the rest of the cryptocurrencies because it’s the first ever POS blockchain profit sharing exchange platform that will redistribute its profits to the coin holders

  • SupportDecoin is planning on launching a worldwide multilingual online customer service to secure the best possible support for its users, regardless of their location or knowledge. Decoin has vowed to turn into the best user-care platform on the market.
  • Accessibility and SecurityIn addition to providing easy accessibility through its scalable and commercial-grade blockchain architecture, Decoin is also working towards developing one of the highest security platforms on the market. To make sure the clients get the most of the trading experience and don’t worry about malicious hacks, Decoin will store 97% of the customers’ funds offline, while the rest would be insured by an insurance company.
  • D-TEP Credit CardDecoin has developed the first ever exchange platform that will allow the users to receive a direct access to profits through their personal D-TEP credit card.

The Decoin team reminds everyone that the ICO pre-sale at $0.55 is still available till April 22. After the official launch of the ICO the prices will go up. The official release of the coin will be held in June, when the coin will be available at a starting price of 0.90$.

For more information, users are encouraged to visit the official site of Decoin: https://www.decoin.io/

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