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Union Square Ventures Reveals Cryptocurrency Can Be Worth Trillions of Dollars

Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures, one of the biggest Venture Capital firm says that the future of cryptocurrency will boom into trillions of dollars. According to the firm, they are planning to invest in major digital assets and cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Fred Wilson, the founder of one of the largest Venture Capital firm, is a premier capital investor known for his gigantic companies CoinBase, Union Square Ventures, Etsy, Tumblr, and Twitter. According to Wilson, he will continue to invest in the Blockchain sector for the next coming years. Union Square Venture has developed some of the world’s online developer community.

According to Albert Wenger, the managing director of the firm, the Union Square Venture has billed a major part of the firm’s capital into the crypto market. The allocated capital is said to be the long-term investment which aims to continue financing in both Blockchain startups and cryptocurrencies. Wenger also added that the firm is not yet planning to invest its major fund in the market.

Wenger also explained that their firm is not yet ready to create a fund belonging to the cryptocurrency market and an independent fund for the sector of cryptocurrency. He also mentioned that whatever cryptocurrency survives, this will appear in the future and will worth trillions of dollars.

Albert Wenger is one of the early investors of bitcoin. He has been in the industry of Bitcoin investment over the many years and has observed the market grows for the past decades. Wenger highlighted that bitcoin investors should not only own bitcoin and allow it to remain dominant.

As an expert bitcoin investor, Wenger is advising the investors to continue investing as it the rewards will pour out very soon. With the investors who gradually spend a lot of money into the sector, it will be a great chance of earning high value which might worth trillions of dollars in the coming years. According to Wenger, it is not a crazy thing to do but instead a high chance of getting a high value of the rewards.

Although there is a high chance of high investment, Wenger also warned the investors to stop holding to bitcoin and expect it to remain central, especially for investors having a major share of their lives in saving bitcoin. The most recommended strategy to apply in an unpredictable cryptocurrency market is the diversification of investments into the different crypto that has plenty of user activity and developer communities.

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