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Why would blockchain technology be a game-changer in gambling industry?

The impact of blockchain technology is poised to be a true game-changer in the contemporary casino industry. According to experts, adoption of the cutting-edge technology will be able to eradicate fraudulent practices, assure complete transparency of operations, bring fairness in the overall gambling ecosystem and make the whole process more secured. The post below shares a brief on the multiple ways blockchain will benefit the existing casino industry today.

But, before getting into the benefits, let’s have a word or two about the state of the art blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain technology logs and stores information sequentially in a digital ledger which is  based in a decentralized environment. Given the “decentralized” factor, the information isn’t stored in one single centralized place and isn’t under the control of one single entity. In fact, in blockchain’s decentralized environment, data are publicly available. Besides, blockchain guards the information stored with a superior encryption system and recorded data here are completely immutable.

How blockchain will benefit gambling industry?

Information transparency and reduced fraud

Players getting defrauded by casinos is nothing new and such issues have made many players apprehensive of playing in casinos today. Casinos operate in a centralized environment where only the casino house is at the helm of controlling and accessing information. A lot of unfair casinos thus have the advantage of not showing the actual winning figures to the players to scam them. Players too have to believe whatever manipulated data the casino brings to them.

But such fraudulent practices can be stopped with the adoption of blockchain technology in casinos. The cutting-edge technology assures transparency of information which means access to information for the players as well. Moreover, as mentioned before, data stored in blockchain is immutable which means it can’t be manipulated by anybody. Thus, a blockchain-based casino would always assure a secured and fair gambling environment for the players. It would eventually attract more players which would mean better growth of the gambling industry overall.

Better savings and faster withdrawals with crypto payments

The online casino world is also losing out on players given high fees and delayed withdrawal systems. But the problem could be solved easily by introducing cryptocurrency-based payments. Crypto coins assure way faster transactions that the traditional payment methods at online casinos and that too at more affordable costs.

“One of the major reasons why many players don’t wish to play in online casinos is higher transaction fees and late withdrawals. But crypto payments don’t charge as high as payment service providers and aggregators used by online casinos. Moreover, crypto payments also assure almost instant withdrawals”, noted a leading spokesperson from Pbet.

Pbet is a rising blockchain crypto gaming platform which is driven to create a Unified Gaming Platform with a smooth convergence of online and physical casinos.

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