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Young Millionaires Are Interested in Investing in Crypto, According to 2018 World Wealth Report


In its 2018 World Wealth Report, Capgemini, a renowned consulting company identified a high level of interest in digital currencies among wealthy traders and investors from all parts of the world. This is according to June 19 reports of Cointelegraph auf Deutsch.

For the report, this consulting company dialogued with HNWI or High Net Work Individuals and asset supervisors all over the world regarding their concern in the digital currency. According to the statement, almost 29% or third of the surveyed wealthy young individuals showed a high interest in crypto and almost 27% or more than a quarter have a general interest.

Digital currency potentials in generating investment returns and store value are the driving interests among young millionaires. Over 70 percent of the respondent aged forty and below attach great concern to having their primary asset managers give digital currency information, as opposed to only 13% of millionaires aging 60 years old and above.

So far, however, primary asset managers are still vigilant about digital currency. What is more, they are also hesitant to raise the subject with customers. About 35% rich young millionaires all over the world say that they have received data on digital currency from their asset managers.

The statement notes regional disparities in the views of millionaires on digital currency investments. Even if the interest in North America, Europe, as well as Japan is somewhat modest, 60% of high-network individuals from South America show a great interest in this kind of currency.

Increased customer interest in digital currency has pulled some companies and organizations in the financial department to take a closer look towards virtual assets. Cryptocurrency is known all over the world.  In fact, it is already used by many companies. As it has grown more popular, Sachs has softened its position. Last 2014, the investment bank told Bitcoin (BTC) wasn’t a currency. It is also highly risky for traders and investors alike. While a month ago, the company has announced that they would investigate trading digital currency this is because of the increased interest of many consumers.

Today, David Solomon, COO of Goldman Sachs stated that the firm is already helping clients in openly- traded digital currency derivatives like Bitcoin futures, and which the firm is carefully exploring other types of digital currency derivatives. According to Solomon, they are listening to the concerns of their clients. They also want to help their clients because they are exploring those things as well.


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