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What Is A Fan Token And How Do You Use Them?

A fan token is a cryptocurrency that represents your ownership of a voting right and allows you to earn specific rewards. When having fan tokens, people can exchange them for other privileges, such as VIP experiences, tickets, exclusive merchandising, etc. 

People can buy fan tokens directly on the app of Socios.com by a process known as Fan Token Offering or FTO by using Chiliz, which is the cryptocurrency of the Chiliz platform and for Socios.com. 

Fan Token Offerings is a fair way for new partners to launch fan tokens onto the Socios.com platform. 

What is Chiliz?

Chiliz is a cryptocurrency platform used for blockchain services that aim to a mainstream consumer target. People mostly use Chiliz in sports, especially in football; it allows entities in the sector to monetize and incentivize audience participation. The Chiliz platform enables unique fan engagement experiences that reward passionate and dedicated sports fans around the world. 

By combining blockchain platforms, fan tokens, and cryptocurrency exchange, Chiliz provides the first fan engagement and rewards app where fans can buy and trade branded Fan Tokens and allowing them to vote in club-focused bets and polls.

Chiliz Token (CHZ)

The CHZ (Chiliz Token) is a BEP-2 compatible utility token, and the function is to power the Chiliz ecosystem. Without the CHZ token, both the Socios.com app and Chiliz exchange could not operate. It is the base asset across all Chiliz blockchain. 

Chiliz Exchange is a dedicated crypto exchange platform for Fan Tokens. It allows both crypto and sports fans to trade Fan Tokens; these tokens represent major sports stars or sports clubs. Additionally, the tokens are paired with CHZ, which is the main asset across the exchange. The platform works similarly to other cryptocurrency exchanges. People can trade Fan Tokens using a simple user interface. On the other hand, you can access Chiliz Exchange by downloading the app.

Is Chiliz A Good Investment?

Trading experts claim that Chiliz has a bright future ahead of it in 2021. With ongoing developments in the Chiliz Token ecosystem, CHZ might reach new heights, meaning that CHZ can be an excellent investment to make this year. Even though long-term price predictions are bullish, it could not happen before breaking some previous barriers. 

The CHZ price prediction for 2021 is $4.15, and it might be able to reach $5 if people decide that Chiliz Tokens is an excellent investment alongside other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Why Use Chiliz?

Did you ever want to earn something while supporting your team or club? Chiliz is the perfect choice to do that. It allows sports clubs and athletes to engage with their passionate fans in a unique way. Additionally, the Chiliz platform adds a different dimension to the experience with the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, allowing sports teams to turn profits using various revenue streams. 

Chiliz also provides fans distinctive ways to support their teams, offering unique interactive activities such as fan votes, community dynamics, polls, and VIP experiences. 

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