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Coinbase Strengthens Global Advisory Council with Former UK Chancellor George Osborne

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its global advisory council, Coinbase, the prominent U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, has welcomed George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer in the United Kingdom. Osborne, a high-profile politician with a wealth of experience, joins the ranks of Coinbase’s esteemed advisors, including Mark Esper, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, and Patrick Toomey, former U.S. Senator. This article delves into the implications of Osborne’s appointment, Coinbase’s engagement with regulators, and the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulation.

George Osborne Joins Coinbase’s Advisory Council:

George Osborne, renowned for his role as the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010 to 2016, has become the latest addition to Coinbase’s global advisory council. This council also includes influential figures such as Mark Esper and Patrick Toomey, reflecting Coinbase’s commitment to building connections with political leaders and regulatory bodies.

Coinbase’s Chief Policy Officer, Faryar Shirzad, expressed enthusiasm about Osborne’s inclusion, citing his extensive experience in business, journalism, and government. The move is seen as strategic, aligning with Coinbase’s goals to navigate regulatory landscapes and contribute to the formulation of crypto-friendly regulations.

Coinbase’s Strategic Utilization of Political Connections:

Osborne’s appointment is part of Coinbase’s broader strategy to leverage political connections and regulatory insights. The cryptocurrency exchange, having encountered regulatory challenges, aims to foster relationships with key figures who can advocate for crypto-friendly legislation. With Osborne’s background in political leadership and finance, Coinbase anticipates gaining valuable insights and influence.

The company recognizes the importance of aligning with political figures who can contribute to shaping regulations that foster innovation while ensuring consumer protection. The cryptocurrency industry is at a crucial juncture, and Coinbase seeks to position itself as a proactive participant in the regulatory dialogue.

Osborne’s Vision for Financial Services Transformation:

George Osborne, acknowledging the transformative potential of blockchain technology, expressed his anticipation in working with Coinbase as it charts a new course in financial services. Osborne’s tenure as Chancellor witnessed the global financial crisis, and his insights into economic matters and financial regulations make him a valuable asset for Coinbase.

Osborne’s vision aligns with the evolving landscape of financial services, where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are playing an increasingly prominent role. His perspective could contribute to Coinbase’s initiatives in shaping a future where decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional financial services converge.

Coinbase and Ripple Backing Political Action Committee Fairshake:

Coinbase’s engagement in political advocacy extends beyond Osborne’s appointment. Reports suggest that Coinbase, alongside Ripple, is a significant financial backer of the super political action committee (PAC) Fairshake. This PAC aims to support politicians who advocate for pro-crypto policies, transcending partisan divides.

Fairshake has raised $85 million, with two-thirds of the funds coming from crypto firms. Coinbase, along with influential backers like Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z and Electric Capital, contributes to a concerted effort to influence political decisions and regulations in favor of the cryptocurrency industry.


George Osborne’s inclusion in Coinbase’s global advisory council marks a strategic move for the cryptocurrency exchange. As the industry navigates regulatory complexities, having influential figures with political acumen becomes paramount. Coinbase’s engagement with political action committees like Fairshake underscores its commitment to shaping a regulatory environment conducive to crypto innovation. Osborne’s wealth of experience and insights positions Coinbase to actively contribute to the ongoing dialogue between the cryptocurrency industry and regulatory authorities, fostering a future where digital assets play a pivotal role in global finance.

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