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Cryptocurrency Markets Brace for Impact: How US Economic Figures Could Determine the Next Move

In a tumultuous turn of events, the cryptocurrency markets are witnessing a significant decline, with a 6% drop from their yearly high on January 10. As the excitement surrounding Bitcoin ETF approvals fades, investors are now closely monitoring crucial economic events in the United States to understand the potential impact on the crypto landscape.

The Kobeissi Letter, a prominent macroeconomics outlet, has highlighted key economic events scheduled for the week beginning January 15. This follows a week of intense trading in the crypto markets during the landmark approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Upcoming Economic Events:

While Monday marks a holiday in the US for Martin Luther King Day, investors are eagerly anticipating economic reports that could signal an interest-rate cut as early as March.

On January 17, the release of the December retail sales report is expected. This report sheds light on consumer spending habits, providing insights into both durable and non-durable goods. It serves as a crucial indicator of the economy’s health and helps gauge inflation pressures associated with purchasing.

Wednesday will witness the release of the industrial production report by the Federal Reserve. This report reflects the volume of production in US industries, such as manufacturing, mining, and utilities, acting as a leading indicator of GDP growth and overall economic performance.

Adding to the mix, the preliminary consumer sentiment index report is due on January 19. This report provides figures reflecting the level of confidence affecting consumer spending, a key factor used by the Federal Reserve to calculate its Index of Inflation Expectations.

Additionally, several major banks are set to release their quarterly earnings reports this week. On Tuesday, eyes will be on Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and PNC Financial, followed by Charles Schwab on the next day.

The renowned TV host Jim Cramer, who recently expressed bullish sentiments towards Bitcoin, has shifted his stance yet again. Cramer stated, “We’ve already had a big run in healthcare and the banks, while tech’s taken a back seat to no one, until today [January 12]. Could it roll over like Bitcoin?”

Crypto Market Overview:

Over the weekend, the crypto markets experienced a gradual decline, reaching a total capitalization of $1.75 trillion by Monday morning trading in Asia. This represents a 6% decrease since the markets hit their yearly high on January 10, aligning with the predicted crypto correction.

Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, faced a significant dip to a 2024 low of $41,750 in early trading. However, it managed to recover to $42,216 at the time of writing, indicating a 13% decline since its ETF-induced peak last week.

The Road Ahead:

As uncertainty looms over the crypto markets, industry experts and investors are closely watching how the upcoming economic events in the US will shape the trajectory. Will positive consumer sentiment figures provide the boost needed for a market rebound, or are further declines on the horizon?

The intertwined relationship between traditional economic indicators and the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape adds an extra layer of complexity to the current market dynamics. Investors are advised to stay vigilant, as these events are likely to influence not only the crypto markets but also broader financial landscapes.


In conclusion, the crypto markets are currently at a crossroads, with the outcome heavily dependent on the upcoming US economic events. As retail sales, industrial production reports, and quarterly bank earnings take center stage, investors are bracing for potential market shifts. The impact of these events on consumer sentiment could either fuel a resurgence or deepen the ongoing decline in the crypto markets. Stay tuned as the week unfolds, revealing the intricate dance between traditional economic indicators and the digital asset landscape.

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