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FTX Seeks Court Approval to Sell $175 Million Claim Against Genesis Global Capital Amid Legal Tussles

FTX $175Million Claim

In the latest development surrounding FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange that faced upheaval in November 2022, the company has filed a motion in a Delaware court seeking approval to sell its $175 million claim against Genesis Global Capital. Genesis, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), recently settled with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for $21 million amidst its ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. This article delves into the details of FTX’s claim, the motivations behind the claim sale, and the broader legal landscape surrounding Genesis Global Capital.

FTX’s Motion to Sell $175 Million Claim:

FTX’s motion filed in a Delaware court outlines the exchange’s intention to seek court approval for the sale of its $175 million claim against Genesis Global Capital. The claim, originally made by Alameda Research, a hedge fund associated with FTX, is part of the fallout from FTX’s tumultuous events in November 2022.

The motion not only seeks approval for the sale of the claim but also requests a standardized sales procedure applicable to all sales. This procedural approach aims to streamline the process, reduce associated costs, and expedite decision-making related to claim sales.

Motivations Behind the Claim Sale:

FTX’s decision to sell its $175 million claim against Genesis Global Capital stems from strategic considerations to maximize returns amidst changing market dynamics. Claims against Genesis are currently traded at 65% of their face value, significantly higher than the 38% claimed by Alameda Research. This variance in market values prompts FTX to capitalize on favorable conditions and optimize returns through the proposed claim sale.

The motion also emphasizes the adoption of a standardized sales procedure, which is expected to enhance efficiency and mitigate delays associated with individual motions for each proposed sale. FTX asserts that the proposed sale order is in the best interests of the debtors, their estates, creditors, interest holders, and all other parties involved.

Background and Rationale:

FTX initially sought to recover $3.9 billion from Genesis, leveraging bankruptcy law provisions in May. However, a negotiated settlement of $175 million was reached between FTX and Genesis in August, a settlement that was subsequently approved by the court in October. The reduced claim amount was justified by both parties to avoid protracted and uncertain litigation, considering the unpredictability of potential recoveries.

FTX’s own collapse in November 2022, stemming from irregularities in its account books, set off a series of legal battles. Notably, Genesis Global Capital had $175 million in its FTX account, which did not impact its market-making activities adversely.

Genesis Global Capital’s Ongoing Legal Battles and SEC Settlement:

Genesis Global Capital, a DCG subsidiary, filed for bankruptcy in January 2023, triggering legal conflicts, particularly with the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. The recent $21 million settlement with the SEC on February 1st regarding issues related to the Gemini Earn program adds another layer to Genesis’ ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

A pivotal court hearing is scheduled for February 14th in New York, where the proposed bankruptcy reorganization plan for Genesis Debtors, along with potential inclusion of the SEC settlement, will be scrutinized. This hearing holds significant importance in shaping the trajectory of legal proceedings surrounding Genesis Global Capital’s bankruptcy.


FTX’s move to seek court approval for the sale of its $175 million claim against Genesis Global Capital reflects strategic decisions in response to changing market dynamics. As Genesis navigates bankruptcy proceedings and settles with the SEC, the upcoming court hearing on February 14th becomes a critical juncture in determining the course of action for both FTX and Genesis. The cryptocurrency industry continues to witness the interplay of legal complexities, financial settlements, and strategic maneuvers that shape its landscape.

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