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Terra Luna Classic Community Approves Funding for USTC Quant Team in August


In a dramatic twist of events within the Terra Luna Classic community, Proposal 11730, bearing the title “USTC / Stable Algo Quant Team,” has emerged victorious, receiving an emphatic stamp of approval. This remarkable turnaround comes after the proposal faced initial hurdles, primarily stemming from technical glitches linked to the Terra Station wallet. Nevertheless, the proposal ultimately prevailed, thanks to the diligent efforts of the USTC repeg team.

The Terra Luna Classic community’s overwhelming support for this proposal underscores their unwavering dedication to nurturing the ecosystem and allocating vital resources to key contributors, notably the USTC Quant team.

In a resounding verdict, an impressive 50% of community members cast their votes in favor of the proposal, comfortably surpassing the required pass threshold. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that unanimity was not achieved. The proposal did encounter resistance, garnering 8% of “No” votes and an additional 7% of “No with veto” votes, underscoring the healthy and spirited debate within the community. Intriguingly, the validator holding the most substantial voting power, Allnodes, opted to “Abstain,” representing a significant 35% of the total votes cast.

Proposal 11730: A Controversial Journey

Proposal 11730, christened “USTC / Stable Algo Quant Team,” embarked on its tumultuous journey within the Terra Luna Classic community against a backdrop of technical challenges. These challenges primarily revolved around issues with the Terra Station wallet, a critical element in the voting process. Despite these initial setbacks, the USTC repeg team rallied and resubmitted the proposal, setting the stage for an electrifying turn of events.

The Terra Luna Classic community’s commitment to fostering the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem became resoundingly evident as community members cast their votes. With half of the community firmly supporting the proposal, it is clear that the USTC Quant team has earned a significant vote of confidence for their contributions.

A Divided Community: Healthy Debate Prevails

The outcome of Proposal 11730 reflects the diverse viewpoints within the Terra Luna Classic community. While the “Yes” votes ultimately carried the day, amounting to 50% of the total votes, a notable segment of the community voiced their reservations. Approximately 8% of community members voted “No,” signaling their concerns or objections to the proposal in its current form. Additionally, 7% of the community opted for a more potent stance by casting “No with veto” votes, emphasizing the need for further scrutiny and adjustments.

This division underscores the robust and open discourse within the Terra Luna Classic community, where participants are unafraid to express their opinions and engage in constructive dialogue. It also highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the governance of blockchain ecosystems.

The Role of Allnodes: A Pivotal Abstention

Intriguingly, the validator with the most significant voting power within the Terra Luna Classic community, Allnodes, opted for a somewhat unconventional stance by choosing to “Abstain” from voting on Proposal 11730. This decision carried substantial weight, accounting for a considerable 35% of the total votes cast.

Allnodes’ abstention underscores the complexity and nuanced considerations involved in blockchain governance decisions. While abstaining may raise questions, it also showcases the thoughtful deliberation undertaken by influential stakeholders in the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem. It implies a willingness to withhold judgment and, potentially, an eagerness to see how the proposal unfolds in practice before taking a definitive position.

A Victory for Terra Luna Classic

In conclusion, Proposal 11730’s triumphant approval marks a significant milestone for the Terra Luna Classic community. Overcoming technical challenges and navigating a diverse range of opinions, the proposal’s success reflects the community’s dedication to advancing the ecosystem and providing essential resources to key contributors, in this case, the USTC Quant team.

As blockchain ecosystems continue to evolve and mature, the Terra Luna Classic community’s experience serves as a testament to the importance of open debate, transparency, and thoughtful governance. It demonstrates that even in the face of division and complexity, progress can be achieved when stakeholders come together to support projects that align with the community’s vision and goals.

With Proposal 11730 now approved, the USTC Quant team can look forward to continued support and resources to further their contributions to the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem. As the community remains committed to growth and innovation, it is clear that this victory is just one step in the ongoing journey of building a robust and thriving blockchain ecosystem.

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