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XRP Community Debates Whether Ripple Could Prevent XRP from Reclaiming $3.84

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A debate has emerged within the XRP community, speculating whether Ripple might intentionally prevent XRP from regaining its all-time high of $3.84. This discussion, fueled by concerns over Ripple’s monthly XRP sales and the potential impact on retail liquidity, reflects the community’s ongoing scrutiny of Ripple’s actions and their implications for XRP’s price.

Ripple’s Influence on XRP Price

The conversation was sparked by an XRP enthusiast on social media platform X, suggesting that Ripple’s monthly sales of XRP could potentially hinder the token from reaching its previous peak. The theory posits that if XRP were to approach $3.84, long-term holders might sell their holdings en masse, potentially causing a drain on retail liquidity that Ripple could find problematic.

Proponents’ Views:

  • Long-Term Holders: Some argue that Ripple’s history of XRP sales could be a strategic move to manage liquidity and market stability, possibly preventing a rapid surge to the $3.84 level where many long-term holders might choose to sell.
  • Market Dynamics: The $3.84 price point, attained on January 4, 2018, remains a significant psychological level for investors. Given the 87.16% drop from this all-time high, many believe a return to this price would trigger substantial profit-taking among retail investors.

Community Responses and Data Insights

Not all community members agree with the notion that Ripple would or could prevent XRP from reaching its previous high. Data from the XRP Rich List provides insights into the distribution of XRP holdings across wallets, suggesting that retail investors’ impact on liquidity might be limited.

Key Data Points:

  • Small Holdings: Approximately 1.75 million wallets hold between 0 and 20 XRP, collectively owning 21.27 million XRP.
  • Medium Holdings: Around 2.42 million wallets contain between 20 and 500 XRP, totaling about 181.86 million XRP.
  • Large Holdings: In contrast, just 160 wallets hold balances exceeding 6 billion XRP.


  • Market Dynamics: Critics of the suppression theory argue that XRP’s price is driven by broader market dynamics rather than the actions of a single entity like Ripple. The decentralized nature of the market means that XRP’s value is influenced by supply and demand factors beyond Ripple’s control.
  • Incentives for Ripple: John K, an XRP enthusiast from New York, noted that Ripple holding over 40 billion XRP (valued at about $20 billion) in spendable balance and escrow, stands to gain significantly if XRP approaches or exceeds $3.84. This would place Ripple’s reserves at over $153 billion, creating a strong financial incentive for Ripple to support, rather than suppress, higher prices.

Ripple’s Escrow Holdings and Market Control

An important aspect of this debate is Ripple’s escrow holdings. The majority of Ripple’s XRP balance is held in escrow, limiting its immediate availability for market manipulation. Ripple’s controlled release of XRP from escrow is intended to provide transparency and predictability to the market.

Market Realities:

  • Escrow Mechanism: Ripple’s use of escrow to release XRP systematically mitigates concerns over potential price manipulation. The structured release aims to maintain market stability and investor confidence.
  • New Holders: Even if retail investors sell their XRP at higher prices, new holders are likely to acquire the tokens, potentially supporting or even increasing the token’s value.

Conclusion: Market Dynamics and Ripple’s Role

The speculation that Ripple might prevent XRP from reclaiming its all-time high reflects broader anxieties about market behavior and Ripple’s influence. However, the arguments against this theory suggest that Ripple’s financial interests are aligned with seeing XRP’s price increase. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency markets further complicates the ability of any single entity to control price movements, making it unlikely that Ripple could or would act to suppress XRP’s value intentionally.

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