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Decoin is undoubtedly one of the most credible crypto exchanges you will find today. Launched in 2017, the exchange is designed by the crypto community and for the crypto community. Decoin is backed by a seasoned squad of financial pros, fintech experts and experienced traders, who have come together to create a highly secured a convenient trading exchange.

Regulated and decentralized exchange

Decoin stands out as a regulated, licensed and fully GDPR-compliant crypto trading platform. Besides, you have a completely decentralized exchange here which assures complete transparency regarding operation.

Easy trading interface

Decoin features user-friendly trading interface so that it’s easy to trade both for novice and veteran traders.

Lists major and promising coins

Decoin is backed by a dedicated team of crypto coin research analysts who are always browsing the market to handpick the most promising crypto coins for investors. From biggies like Bitcoin or Ethereum to new rising names, the exchange has them all.

Super-fast trade

Decoin exchange is engineered with Optimization technology algorithms that allows super speedy trading activities in just milliseconds.

Native coin based on advanced algorithm

Decoin crypto exchange has also launched its own native coin DTEP which is based on an independent blockchain powered by revolutionary PoS algorithm. The PoS algorithm assures lesser resource consumption and way faster transactions compared to regular PoW algorithm.

Series of rewards

Decoin exchange promises a series of rewards for its users, especially DTEP coin holders. The Decoin holder will get 6.2 percent staking reward annually. Another feature that makes Decoin stand out among regular crypto exchanges today is its unique revenue sharing protocol. The exchange has announced to share a reasonable percentage of revenue earned annually to its DTEP coin holders.

Additionally, the exchange also assures discounted trading fees for DTEP coin users.

State-of-the-art security

Decoin exchange promises more advanced security compared to most of the crypto exchanges today. The different cutting-edge security protocols adopted by the exchange includes-

• 97% of coins are stored in cold wallet

• The remaining 3% is stored in hot wallet, guarded by adequate insurance

• PoS algorithm assures 51% less vulnerability to hacking attacks

• Multi-layered authentication

  • Constant surveillance by security experts

Less downtime

Decoin is based on advanced AWS Cloud cluster that allows physical hosting of the platform in multiple regions. It allows easy scalability and prevents downtime woes.

Advanced 24/7 support

The Decoin team promises dedicated 24/7 live support in multiple languages.

Decoin has also come up with a revolutionary credit card program that enables users to utilize their crypto assets as fiat money for day-to-day operations.

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