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DevCon Cryptocurrency Conference in Seattle Scheduled February 2019

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The announcement about the second edition of NEO was made in Seattle, Washington. 

The Founder of NEO has expectations about their second edition of DevCon that has been announced for February 2019. Seattle was chosen for this conference as there are a lot of developers here.

The founder is pretty well oriented to the hard times in the cryptocurrency industry.  He is determined about their smart economy and therefore states “ContiNEO – We keep on going.”  The few words he utters is a sign of his determination.

Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, is also the founder of Onchain and is a pioneer in the blockchain industry.  Being a serial entrepreneur and DLT advisor to several banks, clearing houses and brokers, he founded NEO, the Distributed Ledger Technology to register, exchange and transfer the digital assets.  In the Chinese Scenario, NEO became a gold standard in the blockchain world.

In the beginning, DevCon was very successful.  The first DevCon took place in San Francisco, and about 600 to 700 developers attended then.  And, NEO was identified as a global community.  Several developers from North America and Europe attended NEO. Since it was a project that was initially developed by the Chinese, it was a pleasant experience to see people from across the globe attend it.  Diversity was indeed rewarding. Several interesting ideas and discussions came up.  Dan Boneh, a Professor at Stanford University, gave a speech about the bulletproof cryptography skin.

Several companies adopted bullet Proof Cryptography Skin in the past year, and they were implementing this technology. The first presentation of several other projects came up in DevCon.

DevCon targets three types of developers.  The first one being the lower level developers who work on the core blockchain technology. The next type is the developers of dApps, and the third are those working to establish themselves as a pioneer in blockchain transformation.

Tech-savvy representatives of Microsoft and several giant companies have been invited to join and speak at the conference. They are to talk about what their organizations are doing using blockchain technology.

A lot of topics are to be covered at the conference.  This will include issues in technology, cross-chain protocols, zero-knowledge proof, quantum-safe cryptography as well as distributed storage.

Dr. Zhiniang Peng, a security researcher, will be discussing the serious pain points in blockchain technology.

Tehcnology subjects will be the major focus in DevCon; however, compliance, government regulation, and adoption topics will be covered as well. The founder further added that at NEO they are more concerned and focused on the actual technology, the project, and the ecosystem. Further added, that the market will forever reflect the emotions and sentiments of people and therefore price fluctuation cannot be considered as a good index for future industrial health.

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