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Japan’s Crypto Revolution: Venture Capital Firms to Dive Into Digital Assets

Crypto Revolution

In a groundbreaking move, Japan is poised to rewrite the rules of cryptocurrency investment with a proposed regulatory amendment that will allow venture capital firms (VCs) to directly fund crypto projects. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, this amendment signals a significant shift in Japan’s approach to digital assets.


Cryptocurrency investments have been on the rise globally, but regulations often lag behind, creating obstacles for investors. However, Japan is on the brink of a significant regulatory breakthrough that could reshape its cryptocurrency landscape. The proposed amendment, led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, aims to allow venture capital firms (VCs) in Japan to directly invest in projects issuing cryptocurrencies. This move could unlock a new wave of investment opportunities and foster growth in the country’s digital economy.

The Regulatory Amendment: A Game-Changer for Japan

Historically, Japanese VCs faced regulatory constraints when attempting to invest in crypto assets. These restrictions limited their ability to participate fully in the cryptocurrency market. However, with the proposed amendment, these barriers are set to be lifted, allowing VCs to venture into funding projects solely dealing in virtual currencies. This move represents a significant shift in Japan’s regulatory approach to digital assets and could pave the way for increased investment in the cryptocurrency space.

Implications for Japan’s Investment Ecosystem

The proposed regulatory amendment holds significant implications for Japan’s investment ecosystem. By expanding the scope of eligible investments for VCs to include cryptocurrencies, the regulatory framework is adapting to the evolving dynamics of the digital economy. This move could encourage more venture capital firms to explore opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, leading to increased investment and innovation.

Empowering Venture Capital Firms

For Japanese venture capital firms, the proposed amendment represents a significant opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios and tap into the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. With the ability to directly fund projects dealing solely in virtual currencies, VCs stand to benefit from expanded investment opportunities and potential returns in this rapidly evolving sector. This regulatory change is expected to empower VCs to allocate capital more efficiently, driving innovation and growth in Japan’s venture capital landscape.

Fueling Growth for Web3 Startups

The proposed regulatory reform is also poised to have a transformative impact on Web3 companies in Japan. By reducing reliance on overseas investment and providing access to domestic funding, Web3 startups can accelerate their growth trajectories and foster a more robust ecosystem for innovation. Increased capital infusion will enable Web3 companies to scale their operations, develop groundbreaking technologies, and contribute to the advancement of Japan’s digital economy.

Stakeholder Perspectives and Government Support

Key stakeholders, including industry leaders and government officials, have recognized the potential impact of this proposed regulatory amendment on the cryptocurrency sector. Thirdverse CEO Kunimitsu emphasized the significance of the reform for Japanese Web3 projects. He highlighted that previous regulations often necessitated seeking funding from foreign venture capital firms, presenting a significant barrier for domestic Web3 startups. Kunimitsu expressed optimism that the proposed amendment would create a conducive environment for the emergence of more homegrown startups in the cryptocurrency space, driving innovation and bolstering Japan’s position in the global market.


In conclusion, Japan’s move to ease crypto and Web3 investments for VCs heralds a new era of growth and innovation in the country’s digital economy. By rewriting the rules of cryptocurrency investment, Japan is positioning itself as a leader in the global cryptocurrency landscape. The proposed regulatory amendment has the potential to unlock new investment opportunities, fuel innovation, and drive growth in both venture capital and Web3 sectors. As Japan embraces the digital future, it sets the stage for a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem that benefits investors, entrepreneurs, and the economy as a whole.

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