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Metacade’s Exciting Journey: Unveiling the World of Crypto Gaming and Play-to-Earn


In a world that never stops evolving, Metacade, the premier crypto gaming and play-to-earn community platform, is making waves and captivating the interest of both seasoned investors and newcomers. With a substantial 26% increase in the MCADE token over the past two weeks, thanks to the announcement of its Mainnet launch, Metacade is ready to redefine the future of crypto gaming.

Scheduled for the end of October 2023, the Mainnet launch coincides with a series of groundbreaking developments aimed at bringing new audiences into the world of crypto gaming. One pivotal moment for Metacade is the introduction of its revolutionary crypto staking pool, designed to reward MCADE token holders with an impressive 25% stake bonus.

The enthusiasm surrounding Metacade is palpable, with investors eagerly staking 87 million MCADE tokens within just 30 minutes of the crypto staking program’s announcement. This is a clear testament to the growing interest and the upward trajectory of MCADE token prices.

The Metacade Mainnet Launch: A Game-Changer

Metacade is charging ahead with its ambitious plans, having successfully raised over $16 million in its April 2023 ICO. The impending Mainnet launch, scheduled for the end of October, has propelled the MCADE token to new heights, demonstrating the platform’s unwavering commitment to its roadmap and the dedication of its thriving community of developers and users. As part of this exciting development, Metacade is set to unveil an expanding array of gaming titles, enhancing the user experience and diversifying its offerings.

Metacade’s collaboration with Phenoms, a top-tier influencer marketing platform, is a strategic move that promises to bring new, younger gamers into the fold. This partnership aims to introduce the protocol to a fresh audience of enthusiastic gamers, raising its profile and creating exciting opportunities in the crypto gaming sphere.

The Crypto Staking Phenomenon

The release of Metacade’s Staking v2 pool has sparked a significant surge in staked MCADE tokens, with almost 412.5 million tokens being locked, rewarding early-stage investors with a generous 25% stake bonus. The remarkable speed at which this pool reached its target, nearly 500 million staked tokens, indicates the immense interest surrounding the MCADE staking program.

This latest development closed on October 9th, with Metacade announcing that, within just 30 minutes of the launch, 87 million MCADE tokens had been staked. The first staking pool generated a remarkable 40% return on investment in just six months. In its second iteration, the average annual return rate for stake rewards is fixed at 25%. Impressively, the total MCADE tokens staked in this new crypto pool represent 23.5% of the total circulating MCADE supply, up from 22% in the initial staking pool.

Metacade is undoubtedly offering exceptional returns on investment, particularly for a GameFi project of its size and ambition. This success sets a clear benchmark for Metacade, showcasing the growing number of investors who believe in GameFi as the future of blockchain gaming.

Bringing Crypto to the Masses

Metacade’s partnership with Transak, a fiat and crypto onramp, is a strategic move that aims to make MCADE tokens accessible to a broader audience. Prospective investors can purchase MCADE directly on the Metacade website, with zero fees. This partnership is expected to open the doors for non-crypto natives, making Metacade an attractive, long-term investment option in the lucrative world of blockchain gaming.

Furthermore, Metacade has recently unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with Polygon Labs, with a focus on user acquisition, testing, and the adoption of hundreds of new games and customers on the Polygon protocols. This partnership promises to bring exciting new experiences to users while solidifying Metacade’s position in the crypto gaming universe.

Global Expansion: The Bitget Exchange Listing

In September 2023, Metacade took a significant step by listing the MCADE token on Bitget, a global exchange. This strategic move is set to broaden global access to MCADE, leveraging Bitget’s thriving community of 20 million users and a robust spot trading volume exceeding $400 million. Bitget ranks among the top 20 exchanges worldwide by trading volume, presenting a promising opportunity for Metacade to connect with new audiences seeking to invest in the bright future of GameFi.

A Promising Investment in 2023 and Beyond

Metacade is hitting its stride at just the right time. The unveiling of the crypto staking v2 protocol, combined with the eagerly anticipated Metacade Mainnet launch, paints an optimistic picture for the platform in 2023 and beyond. With the next Bitcoin halving event expected to usher in a new bull market in 2024, Metacade stands as a strong contender to outperform established, large-cap cryptocurrencies, potentially delivering significant returns. Investing in Metacade’s MCADE token is now easier than ever, as it can be acquired directly through the Metacade website.

In Conclusion

Metacade is not just a crypto gaming platform; it’s a thriving ecosystem at the forefront of the GameFi revolution. With innovative features like crypto staking and strategic partnerships with influential players in the industry, it’s poised for a bright future. If you’re considering venturing into the world of crypto gaming and seeking investment opportunities, Metacade and its MCADE token are worth keeping a close eye on in 2023 and beyond.

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