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My Cryptocurrency Road Trips (Part 1)


In 2018, I was fortunate to take three Cryptocurrency Road Trips in the United States. The purpose these trips were to help spread mass adoption, meet people who were interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain, and interview people for my YouTube channel.

This article will be the first of several articles I want to write and share with you about my journey around the United States. Before we dive right into my story, let me give you some quick background information on how I got interested in cryptocurrency and what lead me to take these road trips.

The very first time I ever heard about “bitcoin” was 2017. I had no understanding of what it was nor did I know anything about cryptocurrency. This is where my journey really begins. 

As I began to educate myself about bitcoin, blockchain and altcoins, I quickly realized how vast and deep the subject area was. My education began by listening to YouTube and reading as many articles on cryptocurrency and blockchain as I could. I was instantly fascinated by everything I was reading. It was a bit confusing at first but I kept on learning each and every day.

I was so excited about learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain that I decided to start a YouTube channel. On August 14, 2017, I did my first video about what I was learning about. The channel quickly grew to over 3,500 subscribers and I try to do one to three videos per day. For those who might be interested, my link is https://www.youtube.com/cryptomentor99.

I enjoyed making these videos in my basement but I felt I wanted to do more to help spread the word about cryptocurrency and blockchain. I then came up with the idea of riding around the United States in a car and meet people who enjoyed talking about cryptos and investing. I am by no means an expert but I wanted to do my part in helping to grow cryptocurrency awareness in the United States and on my social media platforms.

My first Road Trip was in September 2018. I carefully planned out by trip and visited 12 states, met many wonderful people along my journey and every evening posted videos and stories on my social media platforms. The positive response I received was overwhelming. People from all over the world were following me on my road trip through YouTube and Twitter.

In my next article, which will be Part 2, I’ll describe in detail some of highlights of my first cryptocurrency road trip.

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