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My Cryptocurrency Road Trips (Part 2)

cryptocurrency road trips

This article will be Part 2 of me sharing with you about my three Cryptocurrency Road Trips in 2018. If you missed my first article, I would encourage you to read that so that you can read about my background and how I first became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

For those who read Part 1, thanks for joining me for Part 2 of my cryptocurrency journey. As I mentioned in the first article, I visited 12 states and had countless discussions with people about mass adoption, cryptocurrency and blockchain. For those who might be wondering, I usually drove six hours every day and talked with as many people as I could about cryptocurrency. Stopping by colleges and universities were especially interesting.

The highlights of my trip were the PEOPLE I met.  I met so many wonderful people each and every day. For example, in Oklahoma I met up with a man named Lorenzo. He was a smart young man who was knowledgeable cryptocurrency and investing. I asked him many questions and I was amazed at how much he knew. I still keep in contact with Lorenzo and learned so much by listening to him.

In Houston, Texas I met a man named Brian. He was an avid and successful crypto investor who contacted me via e-mail and wanted to meet with me for dinner. I was impressed at how much Brian knew. Much like Lorenzo, Brian was a young man who saw the value of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and love investing in different altcoins.

When I was driving through Battle Creek, Michigan I met a homeless man at a restaurant. His name was Terry and I sat down at his table and we began talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I was surprised that he knew about “digital currencies” and knew a few things about bitcoin. We had a great conversation and he enjoyed listening to my stories about my journey into cryptocurrency.

There were also many people who I met during my road trip that had no idea what “cryptocurrency” was and how it would affect their lives in the future. When I met people like this I tried to explain as best as I could that blockchain and cryptocurrency were “here to stay.”

There are many more stories I could tell about other people I met on my Crypto Road Trip. The stories I’ve mentioned here are only a few. It was an honor to be able to meet so many people who wanted to learn more about cryptocurrency.

My plans are to make more cryptocurrency road trips in the future. Let’s keep in touch! I’d like to meet you someday to talk about mass adoption, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoMentor99 or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/cryptomentor99

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