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Planning My Fourth Crypto Road Trip on Mass Adoption

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Planning My Fourth Crypto Road Trip on Mass Adoption

I’m already in the planning stages for my first Crypto Road Trip of 2019. Last year I went on three Crypto Road Trips. My goal on this upcoming trip is to talk about mass adoption and my favorite cryptocurrency projects. I had so much fun last year on my road trip that I want to take another one soon.

You might be asking yourself, “What happens on a Crypto Road Trip?” I’m glad you asked. I drive around the United States asking people about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Whether I’m in a hotel, grocery store college campus or a restaurant: I’m always looking to strike up a conversation! Colleges or universities are probably my most favorite places to ask people about cryptocurrency. I’ve had many interesting experiences on my crypto road trips.

The most bizarre encounter happened in Texas. I stopped by a college one Saturday morning in September 2018, and began talking to a student in the middle of a parking lot. A security officer drove by my car and waited for me to finish up my conversation with the student. Evidently, I was no longer welcomed on campus and the officer escorted me off campus. 

I’ve learned a lot during the three trips I took in 2018. I was surprised at how few people have never heard of “cryptocurrency” or “bitcoin.” There were a handful of people who had heard about cryptocurrency and were eager to talk with me. These were the people that wanted to learn more and I was more than happy to help them. Some of these people allowed me to interview them for my YouTube channel. 

Everyday is an adventure on my Crypto Road Trips. That’s what makes each day so exciting. You never know whom you are going to talk to! I met one man in Colorado who had over $100,000 invested in cryptos. He was very gracious and agreed to go to lunch with me. After lunch, we drove back to his house and talked more about his favorite investments.

I met another man in Texas who bought bitcoin back in 2011. He invited me over to his house and I met his wife and daughter. We sat around the kitchen table talking about cryptocurrency. It was so fun. I ended taking his family out to a restaurant where we continued to talk about mass adoption. 

I’m looking forward to my next Crypto Road Trip. The next trip is in the planning stages and I know it will be another learning experience for me. I’m eager to talk about mass adoption as well my favorite cryptocurrency projects. As you can imagine, I’ll be talking about The Currency Analytics to everyone I meet.

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