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Ripple CEO Urges Biden to Replace SEC Chair Gensler: A Turning Point for Crypto Regulation

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In a dramatic move that could reshape the future of cryptocurrency regulation, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has called on President Joe Biden to replace SEC Chair Gary Gensler. This bold demand highlights the growing frustration within the crypto community over the current regulatory approach and signals a potential shift in the U.S. government’s stance on digital currencies.

Garlinghouse’s Bold Call

Brad Garlinghouse, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world, made his plea in a post on the social media platform X. He was reacting to news that President Biden’s campaign is seeking advice from key industry figures on how best to regulate cryptocurrencies. Garlinghouse’s message was clear: If Biden is serious about supporting the crypto industry, he needs to start by replacing Gary Gensler.

The Case Against Gensler

Gensler, who has been leading the SEC since April 2021, has become a controversial figure in the crypto space. Many in the industry, including Garlinghouse, believe that Gensler’s approach to regulation is overly aggressive and stifles innovation. They accuse him of focusing more on legal actions against crypto companies than on creating clear and fair regulatory guidelines.

Under Gensler’s leadership, the SEC has launched multiple high-profile lawsuits against major crypto firms such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and LBRY. These actions are seen by many as part of a broader strategy of “regulation by enforcement,” where the SEC targets companies through legal action rather than establishing clear rules.

The Ripple lawsuit, which Gensler inherited from his predecessor, is a prime example. The case, which has dragged on for years, has created significant uncertainty for Ripple and its investors. Gensler’s suggestion last year that the SEC might appeal a court ruling that partially favored Ripple further inflamed tensions within the industry.

Industry Backlash

The crypto community’s dissatisfaction with Gensler has given rise to the “Fire Gensler” campaign, which has gained considerable traction. Garlinghouse’s recent comments echo a sentiment widely shared among crypto enthusiasts and industry leaders. They believe that a change in SEC leadership is necessary to foster a more supportive regulatory environment.

Biden’s Shift Toward Crypto

Interestingly, President Biden’s stance on cryptocurrency appears to be evolving. In recent months, there have been several signs that the administration is becoming more receptive to the crypto industry. For example, the approval of multiple Bitcoin and Ethereum spot-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) marks a significant departure from the administration’s earlier, more cautious approach.

Moreover, a notable development in the House of Representatives saw 71 Democrat members crossing party lines to vote in favor of a pro-crypto bill. This bipartisan support suggests a growing recognition of the importance of clear and supportive regulations for the industry.

Reports also indicate that the Biden administration is actively engaging with top industry players, seeking their input on how to create a favorable regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. This level of engagement is a stark contrast to the administration’s previous strategy of maintaining a distance from the industry.

Political Implications

Some observers see Biden’s recent pivot toward crypto as a strategic move to garner support from crypto investors ahead of the upcoming presidential election. By aligning himself more closely with the industry’s interests, Biden could be trying to expand his appeal to a key demographic that may influence the election outcome.

The Road Ahead

Garlinghouse’s call for Gensler’s resignation adds pressure on the Biden administration to show its commitment to the crypto industry. Whether Biden will act on this suggestion remains uncertain, but the growing discontent within the industry cannot be ignored.

The ongoing debate over cryptocurrency regulation underscores the delicate balance regulators must strike between protecting investors and fostering innovation. The decisions made by the Biden administration in the coming months will be closely watched by industry stakeholders and investors alike.


Brad Garlinghouse’s demand for Gary Gensler’s resignation brings to light the deep-seated tensions between the cryptocurrency industry and current regulatory practices. As President Biden navigates this complex landscape, his choices will significantly impact the future of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States. Whether Biden will heed the crypto community’s call for change at the SEC is a pivotal question that could shape the industry’s trajectory.

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