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Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank Dives into the Crypto Arena with $103 Million Satang Acquisition


In a significant move reflecting the changing dynamics of the financial world, Kasikorn Bank, also known as K-Bank, has announced its acquisition of a majority stake in the parent company of Satang, a prominent crypto exchange in Thailand. The acquisition, valued at 3.705 billion Thai baht (approximately $102.8 million), underscores the growing influence of traditional financial institutions in the realm of cryptocurrencies. This transaction was orchestrated through K-Bank’s new subsidiary, Unita Capital, which is specifically dedicated to investing in digital asset companies.

Once this deal reaches its conclusion, Satang will undergo a transformation, emerging as Orbix. Under the new banner of Orbix, several subsidiaries will come to life, including Orbix Custodian, Orbix Invest (a digital asset fund manager), and Orbix Technology, which focuses on the development of blockchain technology. This strategic move by K-Bank aligns with its broader vision to expand its presence in the crypto sector, providing a comprehensive range of crypto services approved under Thai regulations.

The announcement of this acquisition arrives just a month after K-Bank initiated a $100 million fund aimed at supporting ventures in web3, fintech, and artificial intelligence (AI). Notably, K-Bank’s competitor, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), is also making aggressive strides into the web3 and crypto space, reflecting a broader industry trend where traditional banks are exploring opportunities in emerging digital domains.

Udomsak Rakwongwan, a professor at Kasetsart University and the co-founder of FWX.finance, in which K-Bank has invested, noted, “K-Bank is intensifying its efforts in the cryptocurrency sector, positioning itself alongside SCB. They are keen on offering a full spectrum of crypto services permitted in Thailand.” Rakwongwan further revealed that K-Bank has recently secured a crypto exchange license and is actively pursuing additional licenses required for crypto operations in Thailand. Notably, the Thai market is distinct due to its strong institutional support for cryptocurrency initiatives.

In addition to the efforts of K-Bank and SCB, another significant player in the Thai market is Gulf, the energy giant. Gulf has ventured into the crypto realm through a joint venture with Binance, facilitated by its Gulf Innova fund. This endeavor aims to introduce a regulated, localized version of the exchange into the Thai market. Consequently, the cryptocurrency landscape in Thailand is poised for increased competition as major players assert their positions.

Rakwongwan further observed, “The cryptocurrency business in Thailand is set to become more competitive as major players stake their claim. With the owner of Gulf being one of Thailand’s richest individuals, the dynamics are bound to shift. The vast capital and influence of these giants might pose survival challenges for smaller players in the field.”

The acquisition of Satang by K-Bank and the broader entry of traditional financial institutions into the cryptocurrency space reflect the evolving financial landscape in Thailand and the growing importance of digital assets and blockchain technology. In the following sections, we’ll explore the implications of this acquisition and the evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency sector in Thailand.

K-Bank’s Strategic Move into the Crypto Arena

K-Bank’s decision to acquire a majority stake in Satang is a testament to the evolving financial landscape in Thailand. The bank’s establishment of Unita Capital, a subsidiary focused on digital asset investments, underscores the strategic intent of traditional financial institutions to explore the potential of cryptocurrencies.

The acquisition of Satang is expected to have far-reaching effects on the Thai crypto market. As part of the deal, Satang will undergo a rebranding process and emerge as Orbix. This transformation is not just in name but extends to the creation of several subsidiaries that will contribute to the growth of the crypto ecosystem in Thailand.

The Birth of Orbix and Its Subsidiaries

Under the umbrella of Orbix, the following subsidiaries will take shape:

  1. Orbix Custodian: This subsidiary will focus on safeguarding digital assets. Custodians play a critical role in the crypto world, ensuring the security and protection of assets held by individuals and institutions. The presence of a trusted custodian like Orbix Custodian is likely to instill confidence in the Thai crypto market.
  2. Orbix Invest: As a digital asset fund manager, Orbix Invest will offer professional management services for cryptocurrency portfolios. This is a significant development for investors looking to diversify their holdings in the crypto space.
  3. Orbix Technology: With a focus on blockchain technology development, Orbix Technology is poised to contribute to the advancement of blockchain-based solutions. Blockchain technology has applications beyond cryptocurrencies, including supply chain management, digital identity, and more. This subsidiary could drive innovation in these areas.

K-Bank’s Broader Strategy in the Crypto Sector

K-Bank’s acquisition of Satang is just one piece of its broader strategy in the cryptocurrency sector. The bank’s recent launch of a $100 million fund dedicated to web3, fintech, and AI demonstrates its commitment to exploring the full spectrum of emerging technologies. As traditional financial institutions recognize the transformative potential of digital assets and blockchain, they are actively seeking to position themselves at the forefront of these developments.

The Competitive Landscape in the Thai Crypto Market

K-Bank’s move into the cryptocurrency sector aligns with similar endeavors by its rival, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB). SCB, like K-Bank, is actively venturing into web3 and crypto, indicating a shared vision among these financial giants. The intensified competition between K-Bank and SCB reflects the growing importance of the crypto sector in Thailand.

The presence of Gulf, the Thai energy giant, is another significant factor in the evolving crypto landscape. Gulf’s collaboration with Binance through the Gulf Innova fund seeks to establish a regulated, localized version of the exchange in the Thai market. This partnership, backed by substantial capital and influence, is poised to shape the dynamics of the crypto sector in the country.

Implications for the Thai Crypto Market

The acquisition of Satang by K-Bank and the broader entry of traditional financial institutions into the crypto space have profound implications for the Thai crypto market:

  1. Increased Competition: With major players like K-Bank and SCB intensifying their efforts in the crypto sector, competition is set to rise. This competitive environment can benefit consumers through improved services and innovation.
  2. Institutional Support: Thailand’s crypto market enjoys a high level of institutional support, as demonstrated by K-Bank, SCB, and Gulf. This support can contribute to the legitimacy and growth of the sector.
  3. Market Dynamics: The influx of substantial capital and influence from financial giants like Gulf may pose challenges for smaller players in the crypto field. Adapting to this changing landscape will be crucial for their survival and success.
  4. Blockchain Development: The emergence of Orbix Technology as a blockchain technology developer signals a focus on innovation beyond cryptocurrency. This development could
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