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The Oracle’s Verse – The World’s First Collaborative Crypto-Novel

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The world of literature has just gotten a major upgrade with the launch of The Oracle’s Verse, the world’s first-ever collaborative crypto-novel by the decentralized artist collective, The Quest of Evolution. In an unprecedented move, the project comprises six unique 1/1 multimedia NFTs, each with its own unique storyline, available for purchase on the OpenSea platform.

The Oracle’s Verse is a game-changer in the world of literature as it enables owners to write their own stories on-chain and pass the baton to the next owner while earning passive income. The novel follows the lives of six characters who journey through the minds of their owners, gathering unique memories that evolve their stories through a multisensory art piece.

By purchasing a dynamic NFT, buyers inherit the corresponding character and underlying assets such as music, image, and text. They are then granted the right to append up to 200 words to the storyline directly onto its smart contract, which lasts forever.

This new concept of a crypto-novel is set to revolutionize the literary world as it allows readers to become writers and contribute to a never-ending story that is permanently written on the blockchain. With each new owner, the storyline expands and evolves, making for an exciting and interactive reading experience.

The Quest of Evolution plans to reward contributors to the project with perpetual royalty payouts in MATIC and 200 QEV tokens, making it a profitable venture for writers and readers alike.

The Oracle’s Verse is just the beginning for The Quest of Evolution. The group has already announced plans to release an additional series of crypto narratives following this groundbreaking project. The next project in the pipeline begins with a series of scientific essays by T. Dylan Daniel, founder of PageDAO, followed by a collaborative crime fiction novel with writer Joseph Nassise and musician Zep.

As blockchain technology continues to make waves in various industries, it is fascinating to see its impact on the world of literature. The Oracle’s Verse is a prime example of how decentralized technology can revolutionize traditional industries, offering readers and writers a new way to experience literature.

The Quest of Evolution has truly created a masterpiece with The Oracle’s Verse, and it will be exciting to see how future projects in their crypto-narratives series will continue to innovate the world of literature.

In conclusion, The Oracle’s Verse is a groundbreaking project that has introduced a new era of literature, enabling readers to become writers and contribute to an ever-expanding story on the blockchain. The Quest of Evolution has set a new standard for interactive storytelling, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

The Oracle’s Verse is a pioneering project that has blurred the lines between literature, art, and technology. By leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs, The Quest of Evolution has introduced a groundbreaking concept in which readers become writers, and the story lives on forever on the blockchain.

As more and more industries adopt blockchain technology, it is exciting to see the impact it is having on the world of literature. The Oracle’s Verse is a prime example of how blockchain can create new opportunities and transform traditional forms of art and media.

With plans to release additional series of crypto-narratives, The Quest of Evolution has opened the doors to a new era of collaborative storytelling, giving readers the opportunity to become creators and participate in the evolution of a story.

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