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20 billion ICO Dukascopy to Fill or Kill with Overnight Rollover Policy


On Tuesday, the 9th of October, Dukascopy was scheduled to be the market mover per Economic Calendar powered by the Dukascopy Bank.

Dukoscopy to follow the “fill or kill policy” for Dukascoins and Dukanotes.  These plans will be implemented with the approval of FINMA, the official Swiss Market Regulator.

The group will be further launching a dedicated crypto gateway to permit clients to make deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency by making use of their Dukascopy accounts.

By making use of the mobile banking offered by Dukascopy, clients will be able to transfer the Dukascoins whether for deposit or withdrawal free of charge.

Dukascoins is issued for the requirements of finance according to the website which implies, “Placed offers will be taken by any other MCA holder (user) without further confirmation from the client giving the offer. Offers will permit “Fill or kill” (all or nothing) or partial fill types of orders.”

Dukoscopy Bank is a retail banker who is Geneva-based.  The Brokerage firm operates in a crypto-friendly manner, and it continues to do so. They have, of late, filed for the approval of ICO plans with FINMA, which is the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Dukoscopy will be applying its overnight rollover policy to its crypto CFD clients.  The policy states that the bank will be applying different rollover rates, to improve the net interest return on the position.  This according to them, will provide with improved overnight conditions for their clients with a higher trading turnover on their investment. Of note, Dukascopy applies the overnight rollover policy on its other CFD platforms as well.

It is important to note that Dukascopy permits crypto-based businesses to open business accounts with them way back in June.

The Online Swiss Bank stated that they are going to issue 20 billion Dukascoins in their step towards improving their versatile banking activities. They are planning to pump in 100,000 Dukascoins in their fill of kill attempt.  Therefore, they are bringing in enormous numbers of tokens into circulation.

Pending regulatory approval, the white paper is ready, and after due permissions, the coins will be released.

The issuance is focused on encouraging Dukascopy Mobile accounts.  The terms to have the clients accept mobile current accounts are unbeatable because those who refuse to accept the MCA will have to contend with 1 Euro in exchange for the tokens in appropriate ratios.  These cryptos are based on Ethereum.

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