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Apple’s Co-Founder Gave a Powerful Endorsement to Virtual Currency

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Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Company has given another great endorsement of virtual currency and its underlying blockchain system, hailing its innovative potential at a meeting on Thursday.

During the gathering entitled” We Are Developers World Congress “held Vienna, Australia, Steve Wozniak spoke in front of other delegates telling that he believed that this system will have a remarkable impact on the technology department, hailing it as the next remarkable evolution in Information Technology, which will happen in a little while.

In spite of his positive viewpoint towards blockchain and bitcoin, he said in another interview that he was worried by what technology has become. He was referring to the latest Facebook Cambridge Analytica gossip.

According to Mr. Wozniak, people lost their safety and security long time ago. “People have lost their solitude and it’s been battered. If you think you have a level of privacy that you don’t, that is deceit. And it really bothers him. According to him, he already hits a limit. He cannot take that. It is one step in a long sequence of steps which are in the same way.”

Not all companies in Silicon Valley came under fire from Steve, with the co-founder of one of the richest company showing his thrill of purchasing a Tesla after purchasing his behalf a Mercedes.

Elon Musk sent a message to Steve telling that “he purchases a gas guzzler, said that he is not a real Silicon Valley boy” and Mr.Wozniak loves that expression.

After a couple of months, Steve’s wife came into his office one night and stated that if Steve wants a Tesla, you can have it. And after 30 minutes, Steve ordered it.

Steve’s proclamation concerning blockchain system follow past commented on how BTC is better in key ways to the US dollar and the gold as well. In an affair held in LV last October 2017, Steve describes fiat currency as a “type of phony” because of the fact that government develops a new currency for political reason, while gold is also lacking in constant supply.

There’s a certain limited amount of BTC that can ever exist, this is what Steve stated in an interview. “Gold gets mind and mined and mined”, he added. Perhaps the amount of gold all over the world is limited. On the other hand, virtual currency is more mathematical. It is regulated and no one can modify mathematics.

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