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Binance Launches Binance Research


Binance is launching Binance Research.  This subproject of the consumer token exchange company will investigate into the objective information of the tokens that are listed on its exchange.

The Binance Ecosystem has got a new pillar.  The Research wing will be focusing on creating research reports that are an institutional grade, and the quality of information available in the crypto space will increase.  There will be improved transparency.

The research team has already posted about 2 new reports, and they are objective and not in depth.  However, the research information comes with a warning for the investors, and they disclaim the authority to those using it for investment purposes.  The footnote literally warns against using it for investment purposes.

The very purpose of investors seeking research reports is to use the data and projections to make their investment process.  The traders in the process are most likely going to consult with a review service, which would have reviews of the tokens.  When reputable ones provide a report, they expect to use it to make their investment decisions.

The two reports that are already available from Binance are Loom and GoChain.  Loom provides scaling solutions for Ethereum Blockchain.  GoChain is interoperable with Ethereum, and it is an independent blockchain.  Though GoChain is proud of its improvements, it is yet to create something to bring in the momentum inherent to a network, which is very important for real competition with Ethereum.

While the report is providing a breakdown of complex trading information, it is not available in plain English.  The language used in the reports is something that readers would have to get used to to get the perception of the technology, or the trend explained therein.  For someone who is just getting into Ethereum would not have much to do with the excerpt provided in the LOOM report.

Loom will be able to preserve the security of the mainnet of Ethereum if they make use of Plasma Cash-based relays. This will as well help with improving the scalability and speed throughout the consensus of 2DPoS in its side chain.

The research reports come with complex technical information, which the investor might have a perception of or might not understand at all.  The technical competence of the reader is not considered in the report.  However, the moving average volumes are something that every investor should learn to understand when making high-risk investments like in the tokens or ICOs.

With the improved presentation, the Binance Research project is going to attract a loyal user base.  Of note, Binance is the first exchange to launch a project by funding itself through an ICO.


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