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Bitcard Users Get BCH support from Bitnovo

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Users of Bitcard, get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support from Bitnovo. Both of these are from the Spanish cryptocurrency trading platform. Notably, they provide with bank-free services, thereby cutting the middleman.

Bitnovo will now make it possible for its users to be able to make payments or fund their cards with Bitcoin Cash.  The users will be able to load DASH or Ethereum as well.

Roberta Quintiliano, CMO of Bitnovo, commented, “From today, holders of Bitcard can now top them up easily in Bitnovo platform with Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, it will be possible to use bitcoin cash as a payment method to purchase all the Bitnovo services.”

Bitnovo has come to this decision following several other companies offering similar services.  As of now, Dish Network satellite TV service will accept Bitcoin Cash instead of fiat currencies.  Multiple online purchases are made a supportive network in more than 200 countries.  The customers of this service will be permitted to buy small denomination cards anonymously.

Bitcoin cash is different from Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash originated after the split of bitcoin blockchain into two versions.  The Bitcoin Cash

However, there is room for both of these cryptocurrencies in the market.

Bitcard is a widely used debit card.  This debit card quickly converts fiat currencies into cryptocurrency. As of now, this card only supports the conversion of Euro to Cryptocurrency.  However, technological innovations in the crypto industry are providing an alternative that permits cryptocurrency trades.  The mobile-based banking services are one such innovation.

The gifting of these digital assets via pre-paid cards and Bitcoin vouchers is a successful initiative that is worth mainstream adoption.

Bitnovo states, “With our card, we allow (users) to change bitcoin … to the currency of legal tender that you have associated with your debit card,” “In this way, at any time, you can count on cash or your card thanks to the value of your cryptocurrency.”

Ever since 2015, Bitnovo has been accepting Privacy Token Verge (XVG) as a payment option.  The services that are offered by Bitnovo, particularly those that resemble Bitpay is what the crypto industry should focus on promoting.

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