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Bitcoin expected to go back to $15,000 in 2019 – Ethereum classic, Stellar and NEO shows bright future

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The coming year will see BTC getting to $15,000 and simultaneously the rise of emerging coins of Ethereum Classic, NEO and Stellar.

December 8, 2018: As 2018 draws to closure, crypto investors around are scouring the market for the potential value of major and emerging cryptocurrencies the coming year.

Where will Bitcoin be in 2019? Would it be a wise decision to invest in the new emerging cryptocurrencies like Stellar, NEO or Ethereum Classic?

Well, if we follow the experts, Bitcoin is expected to go back to something around $10,000- $15,000 in 2019.

“BTC will be at something like $10,500 & BCH at around $1,500 by January 1, 2019”, noted Gavriel Shaw, the CMO of Bitcoin.com.

Experts are expecting some very positive advancements on ETF side in the coming months, which, hopefully can break the current bear run. As per market pundits, by the first quarter of the coming year, BTC will nearly double up its current range of $8,500.

On the other hand, Ethereum Classic is hogging much of the limelight now, especially with its recent listing on Coinbase.

“Coinbase has a major influence on the value of any crypto coin that gets listed there and Ethereum Classic is no exception. Now, that Coinbase has already declared its listing of the ETC, the coin’s price is all set to skyrocket very soon. We may expect it to peak to a stellar $100 in near future”, stated Sydney Ifergan, leading ICO expert and the founder of top crypto news portal The Currency Analytics.

Famous investor Tom Lee from Fundstrat has also predicted a whooping rise to $70 for Ethereum Classic.

There are two other emerging coins that speak of glorious times ahead.

One is NEO which is also dubbed as “Chinese Ethereum”. The coin has been garnering huge interest for sometime now and its popularity led to a price rise of around $200 in the first quarter of 2018- from a humble $17 in 2017.

Counting on the coin’s upward trend, experts have predicted a further rise to $450 to $700 in 2019.

“NEO’s rise can be credited to a fantastic smart economy it is building up since its inception”, remarked Brian Evans, esteemed angel investor and blockchain Evangelist.

“The coin has infused smart contracts, digital assets & digital identity which can be easily utilized for the real-world applications & can become integrated into real-world economy.”

The other one is Stellar Lumens. Stellar has gained a lot of respect in recent times given its ability to hold on to a respectable valuation despite the bearish market. Experts have predicted the value of Stellar is about to experience a whooping 4x rise compared to its present valuation. We can expect the coin to reach $1.00 the coming year.

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