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Buda Exchange Asked Help to President Ivan Doque On Its Reopening On The Said Country

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Buda.com a digital currency exchanged with an office in South America has appealed Ivan Duque, President of Colombia to help its operation in the said region, this is according to the La Republic a local news outlet in Columbia.

Buda.com a South American cryptocurrency exchange has finished its operation on the 20th of June after the Columbian’s banking organization decided to shut all the digital currency account because of lack of assurances. Buda.com, on the other hand, has possessed more or less 35,000 accounts in the said country, cease.

The action was allegedly spontaneous; banking institutions confirmed the closing of the digital currency account without giving any explanation to the said exchange. Buda.com according to the banks experienced technological difficulties subsequently, while a memo from financial control rep of Columbia reminded banking institutions that they aren’t allowed to work together with digital currency platforms.

At this point, this exchange company along with the account holders and the cryptocurrency association of Columbia has formally requested the president to back the reopening of the trading platform.

In a letter, according to the current statements of Ivan Doque regarding promoting the latest technologies in Columbia, developing spaces as well as advantages for these types of technologies ( cryptocurrencies and blockchain) have led  Buda.com to come back to persist the reopening of the company in Colombia, requesting the President to mediate on his behalf.

Buda.com Country Manager for Colombia, Alejandro Beltran, allegedly declares that the company just asks to get access to essential banking services to begin operations. According to Alejandro, the company, in fact, helps people of Colombia to increase their awareness about new technologies. This can also help the country to have a safe and healthy digital currency market.

In past few months, President Ivan has shown an open approach to these latest technologies, has pledged to cut the taxes on the rental for crypto-related companies. The president also stated that the growth of state of the art technologies might help the country in fighting corruption and at the same time enhance such areas like medicine, justice as well as safety. President Doque also planned to leverage artificial intelligence and blockchain system to monitor public resources and at the same time become aware of the abnormalities.

On the other hand, in April anti-monopoly court of Chili presented a decree mandating two banks to open Buda’s account again after the company had filed a case against ten banks.

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