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CoinField Fixes 0.05% Commission On XRP Trading Pair


CoinField Exchange, have got their services live and available in over 61 countries.  This they declared on November 02, 2018.  The Canadian cryptocurrency exchange has been previously teasing users and fans about adding XRP to their portfolio; however, they have finally made a deal where they have fixed up a 0.05% commission on any XRP trading pair.

CoinField brings in a multi-layer and secure trading platform for the investor to trade their digital assets. They have been exploring XRP as a base currency for quite some time, and now they are ready.

The company previously tweeted that they are planning to expand globally in 69 countries and that they were planning to add XRP as a base currency for 30 direct cryptocurrency pairs.

After the announcement today, the cryptocurrency community, specifically, the XRP community are very excited about the 20 XRP trading pairs offered by CoinField Exchange.  The plan consists of including the pairing of XRP with USD, XRP with CAD, XRP with EUR, XRP with GBP, XRP with JPY, and XRP with AED. Almost all XRP holders are happy and proud of this move.  It is expected that the exchange will attract loyal XRP fans to their exchange.

XRP enjoyed a similar improvement in status when the CMC markets added the XRP.  The CMC markets are financial derivative dealers who are based in the United Kingdom.  There are more than 12 financial hubs of the CMC markets across the world, and they are  listed in the London Stock Exchange [LSE].

David Fineberg is the Group Commercial Director of CMC.

David Fineberg has to say that ever since the successful launch of their cryptocurrency offering in March and then further extending their service to retail clients, there is a lot of support for their products.  Several investors and clients have expressed their eagerness to trade beyond the Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The three coins that are generating much speculation among traders are Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple (XRP).  This is the reason for why CMC has been interested in taking the position with 3 of these Altcoins.

Several major cryptocurrency exchanges have come in support of XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency.  They have further commented on the advantages and use cases of these cryptocurrencies.

Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, has also supported XRP by stating that the coin will breach the $1 barrier soon.

Of note, CoinField cryptocurrency exchange was virally on the news for going international with their commission-free trading app that was known as Moon Go. This app made it possible for users to benefit from commission-free trading and also to convert their assets to fiat anytime.

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