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Crypto Finance Boom Part II Set to Start


Crypto Finance Boom Part II is all set to start.  Investors are analyzing into which currency will be the next to witness a massive rise in price trends.

Crypto Finance is becoming the new banking trend.  Crypto finance companies allow people to share value by leveraging the blockchain technology and crypto assets.  Crypto Finance is a reinvention of financial services.

Year 2018, was not best for the digital currency market.  Almost all cryptocurrencies lost about 80% of their value.  A lot of education has been going on to help people understand the value of crypto. The economic scenario is now trending to witness yet another bullish explosion of crypto finance.  This time it is seen that one of the Top 10 Altcoins will trigger the bullish run as opposed to Bitcoin.

The price of BTC has been steady over October and November 2018.  The volatility index of the Bitcoin for the past 30 days shows fluctuations around the 1.55% value ranges.  Therefore, investors are looking at the Bitcoin with a renewed perception.  The store of value provided by Bitcoin makes it an excellent digital transaction medium.

When making a decision about approving the status of different Bitcoin ETF proposals as a part of the regulatory protocol, the SEC might consider the low volatility of BTC in the decision making. Cryptocurrency companies are working closely with regulators helping them understand the industry to develop a framework to work in compliance with law.

Anthony Cuthbertson, an expert cryptoanalyst, states:  “Cryptocurrency analysts are of opinion that the market will be on the verge of mirroring the gains experienced in late 2017. The caveat is that it might not be the Bitcoin which leads the charge this time.”

When discussing the prospects of the currency that will lead the bullish run this time, most of them are of opinion on XLM or any other among the top 10 altcoins to witness the economic surge.  This they expect to see in the forthcoming weeks.  The idea of blockchain and crypto are demystified.  Conferences organized across the world help people develop clarity.

A crypto research firm has to state that Ether is bouncing back in the recent market moves.

Ian Mcleod as well believes that Ethereum is defining a global breakout and it is in the verge of a global breakout.

Stellar Lumens has decided to give away $125 million worth of XLM to its Wallet users.  Those who sign up for airdrop are the wallet users.  This decision can serve as a catalyst to bring in a fresh new bull run in the current digital currency market.

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