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DASH Sending and Receiving Money in Minutes Winning Transaction Speed Races and More Wallet Choices

Dash Pay send money masternode

Dash tweeted on what is Dash? They have made a reference to a video that explains what Dash is all about.

Have you ever felt constrained about using your money? Dash allows you to instantly send and receive secure digital payments with near-zero fees anytime and anywhere. It is fast, secure, and borderless.  There are thousands of businesses that accept Dash.

Buy anything online or in-store and to send money home to loved ones with ease at a much lower cost than with traditional remittance services.  It is all possible with the Dash Network of the dedicated server, also known as masternodes.

Masternodes enable advanced features like speed, security, and optimal privacy. What is more, is that the Dash Network is self-governed. Masternode owners vote on community projects making sure that the Dash network evolves into an ecosystem of decentralized future. Just download your free digital wallet and at Dash.org to begin sending and receiving money in minutes.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “While many are just getting introduced to Dash and are getting to know what is Dash is, there have been many who have explored its benefits to send money home.”

Dash tweeted:  “Hackster io has published a mainstream lead article about Blockchain, Decentralized Finance and Financial Inclusion with interview parts of Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago and links to Dash.”

Dash states that they are moving money for less than a cent.  Users who know Dash like these services.  Businesses love Dash due to the near-zero fees and instant settlement without any chargebacks.

DASH Wallets

To make use of Dash, users will have to download the Desktop App, Android App, or iOS App. A range of Desktop wallets are now available, and each of them provides for a different feature and security.  They are available for Windows 64 bit, Windows 32 bit, macOS, Linux.

There is also a range of mobile wallets for Android and IOS.

Hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey, SafePal, Ellipal Titan, and Cobo Vault are commonly used.

Paper wallets are available, and they are a kind of cold wallet, and it works more like a bearer instrument.

The Web wallets which are available are Guarda, Magnum, and MyDashWallet.

The Text (SMS) wallets allow users without smartphones or internet access to transact in Dash using text messages on simple feature phones.

Dash has facilitated every way possible to help with mass adoption by making it easy for them to use Dash payment features in one way or the other.

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