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Forbes Recommends Electric Vehicle Strategy for Cryptocurrency


There are different types of digital cash.  There are different platforms that allow the digital cash to be exchanged. This is the hottest trend in the investment industry looking for alternative financial and investment solutions.  The investments made in these companies literally doubled in the year 2017.

Late in May 2018, Binance, which is hailed as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world announced that they were launching the $1 billion fund venture for the cryptocurrency and blockchain startup. However, the major hurdle to the mainstream adoption of this technology is the lack of understanding with respect to the cryptocurrency concepts and blockchain technology.  For complete conversion of the benefits of this promising technology customer awareness and orientation of the industrial concepts is very important.

The executives who applied to work for the startups were questioned about their know-how about cryptocurrencies.  Most of the executives have already known about Bitcoin by hearsay, and some knew that blockchain technology is related to Bitcoin.  They have also heard about the nuances of the industry, particularly about the dynamic price trends.  The vague knowledge of these executives about the industry is a challenge that will serve as an obstacle for the rapid progression of the mission of the startups. Therefore, startups looking for key talent will have to browse through the competitive hiring market vigorously.

The condition of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry is a lot similar to what the Electric Vehicle industry faced a decade ago.

The concerns of investors are centered round queries like whether cryptocurrencies are reliable and safe if they will conk out if the industry will last if it is worth investing for the rash price trend, what is the right time to buy and sell and lot more. Just like people would buy electric vehicles now, they will buy cryptocurrency.

The buying of the electric vehicles did not happen just like that.  It happened because of the savvy approach in introducing the new technology to even confused and worried people after appropriate learning.  EV companies took an educational approach and similarly cryptocurrency companies should be taking out to an educational approach.

The electric vehicle industry propelled forward despite the “who killed the electric car” concepts.  The foundation for the industry happened with ongoing education in a relentless manner.  Ultimately the electric vehicle companies were able to sell their goals to their clients.  A similar approach is the only way in which the cryptocurrency companies will be able to help their employees understand the industry well before they can take it to their customers.

The employees will be able to appreciate the value of the opportunity they are dealing with, and they will take it to the right people the right way. The roadmap for cryptocurrency car companies to do well is to follow the model of the electric vehicle companies according to Forbes.

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