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Fortunes to Be Made and Lost in the Cryptocurrency Market

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The major bottleneck faced by most of the cryptocurrencies is their scalability factor.  Cryptocurrencies should be able to scale well for more numbers of users.

People who invest in the cryptocurrencies are the users.  How they trade and why they do it is something that everyone should know.

In the beginning years, people were marketed to the fancies of profits through apps, and they joined popular exchanges and traded the currency pairs.  Subsequently, most of them lost their investments in the bear market.

The market continues to thrive.  So, who are the traders? There are professional traders, there are hobbyists, and there are those who manage the funds invested exclusively in crypto.

Being an excitingly new investment class, most of them are proud of being a part of this investment class.  There are unethical, illegal activities taking place. However, from the big picture, it is seen that more numbers of people are interested in achieving a regulatory framework for this market.  They are interested in dealing in a more regulated network process.

Most of the investors tend to behave like they are traditional venture capitalists making big and risky bets. They do this in hope for success with bigger payouts.  They consider that the capital and finance accessibility provided in the cryptocurrency market via the blockchain technology provides for improved social and economic risks. And every investor is well aware that there are fortunes to be made and lost in the cryptocurrency market.

A Fintech moment is happening, and the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are a part of the big moment in the Fintech industry. However, there is a few that this industry is also creating a global risk by increasing the distance between money and the agents of money.

Regardless of whether cryptocurrency is inherently good or bad, it serves as a powerful financial engine that contributes to the broader financial technology.  The social and the political implications of the technology are not fully known to all investors though. Since the cryptocurrency market provides for speculative investment, it does provide for serious financial risks for the individual involved. Therefore, this market is for the most risk-tolerant individuals.

There is the risk in the wallet, exchange and the token itself.  And, most of the jurisdictions are not regulated.  The framework is just evolving. Most of the investors believe in the investment market knowing the risks. Some are looking at short-term profits, and some are waiting to allow its value to grow for the long term. Those who are in the market, already know what they are dealing with.

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