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Horizen (ZEN) Solving the 3 Problems Plaguing the Cryptocurrency Market


Zen is now available for swapping on Ledger Live.  This multi-coin exchange can be used to get your Zen Today.  Ledger is the smartest way to secure, buy, exchange and grow crypto assets.

Ledger offers different hardware wallets.  Whether for someone looking to keep crypto safe for the future or to manage it in a daily basis, they have got a right product for everyone.

For those who are new, a hardware wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet which stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device.  The main principle behind hardware wallets is to facilitate full isolation between the private keys and the easy to hack computer or smart phone.

While a lot of new projects are introduced to tackle some of the problems of the market. The top three problems may be lack of privacy, centralization or lack of speed. Horizen is a project that aims to solve all three problems plaguing the market.

Zen is the first cryptocurrency with full end-to-end encryption to protect internode communications.  Its optional privacy feature allows you to control your digital footprint.

ZEN provides two different kinds of addresses:  T-Addresses, which is the regular address for making transactions that are similar to bitcoin. These transactions are public and transparent on the blockchain. Z-Addresses are shielded addresses.  The transactions between z-addresses are completely private and anonymous. They leverage zero-knowledge cryptography to obscure sender and recipient addresses, and also the amount sent.

The balances in the shielded addresses are private and any regular addresses on the receiving end will deshield the token and reveal the value that is received on the blockchain.  Horizen are thus ensuring data integrity and privacy freedom through the most secure ecosystem of interoperable blockchains.

The noteworthy features are:  The largest Multi-Tired node infrastructure, Proof-of-Work Main Chain, Proof-of-Stake Side Chains, Protection against 51% attacks, TLS End-to-End Encryption, ZK-Snark Privacy at Scale.

ZENDOO is their blockchain scaling solution.  It is completely decentralized with fully customizable privacy features, and attractive economics. It Enables businesses and developers to build their own private or public blockchains and dapps with affordability, flexibility and efficiency unmatched by any other projects.

Businesses and developers are actively building on Horizen. Horizen are well aware that it is critically important for people to be able to use ZEN as a real currency to make real purchases. They are connected to many crypto-payment providers and are constantly adding more, so people can plug into the economy and use Horizen to purchase goods and services with privacy.


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