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India Eyeing a Strong Hold in Crypto Market through Swachhcoin

Swachh Bharat Diwas

In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, or, Clean India Campaign, which proposed to introduce radical changes to the way the nation of India dealt with its waste.

The project is predominately aimed at introducing 90 million new toilets in rural areas of the country, with the aim of cutting out practices of open defecation in the streets – a practice which leads to numerous health concerns, and one which threatens to hold India back as its rapidly growing economy launches it into the 21st century.

Several other initiatives of Clean India include addressing consumer waste build-up, and providing clean drinking water, while also providing facilities for public transport, like on trains and buses which carry people on their daily commute.

While Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been India’s most successful sanitation campaign to date, there has still been a lack of investment in the project from private companies, as business struggle to adapt to the demands of such widespread changes.

The modern infrastructure is not set up for such a project. However, that could all be changing very soon.

It Pays to Keep Clean with Swachhcoin

Under the plans of innovative new tech start-ups like Swachhcoin, both citizens and institutions could benefit from incentives in the form of SWACHH cryptocurrency tokens, which act as a payment reward for efficient and responsible handling of waste products.

Novel technology like the SWBIN (Swachh Bin) – a ‘smart’ bin which can log and identify the type of waste that’s put into it, while sending instant crypto rewards to the person who deposited it, is a radical introduction to the waste management space. And one which could democratize and decentralize the entire process.

Not only would this mobilize the citizen population to clean up their own streets, but would also address another of India’s major problems – a lack of dustbins.

The SWBIN is fully digitized and automated, and can identify for itself when it needs to be emptied. It also features an LED display which can be used as advertising space by SWACHH token holders.

A Digital Infrastructure

Combined with Swachhcoin’s innovative smart bins, the digital infrastructure offered by the company could be the solution which unifies the Clean India project, and draws it all together into one simple, automated, decentralized process.

With innovative tools like SWATA (Swachh Big Data); SWIOT (Swachh Internet of Things); SWATA (Swachh Big Data); SWATEL (Swachh Adaptive Intelligence), and SWAPP (Swachh Decentralized Application), the Swachhcoin project is equipped with everything required to securely and autonomously track the build-up and movement of waste products across the country. Everything from transport and logistics, to recycling and waste processing could be overseen by the digitized system.

Swachhcoin have arrived at an opportune moment in history – the rise of cryptocurrency, coupled with the desperate need for new ways to manage the world’s ever growing waste production, has left the market wide open for an ambitious and fresh-thinking firm like Swachhcoin.

Whether this will be the platform which delivers a Clean India, only time will tell – but the possibilities are there for all to see.

For more information, please visit https://swachhcoin.com

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