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Monero With Grayscale Investments and About Buying Tesla with XMR

Grayscale Investments with Monero

For those who missed the news already,Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital asset manager, has filed to register five new trusts for cryptocurrency assets’ – Monero included.

For clarity, Grayscale Investments, is the world’s largest digital assets manager.  Grayscale trusts for Aave, Cosmos and Polkadot, as well as privacy coin Monero, have been registered in Delaware.  It just looks like DeFi is on the cards?  Delaware Trust Company, is Grayscale’s statutory trustee for the U.S. state. 

In this regards, GrayScale stated, we’re always seeking ways to better meet growing investor demand for exposure to digital assets through familiar, secure, and regulated investment products. That’s why we’re considering several new digital assets for potential new product offerings.

It just looks like a matter of time, Monero has succeeded because thousands of people have labored to build the most valuable privacy tool in the world. Monero will continue to succeed because its community keeps building. They don’t stupidly assume that its future growth is pre-determined. It must be earned.

Also, three different teams are working on atomic (trustless) Monero swaps.  Farcaster is a Bitcoin-Monero atomic swap project. COMIT team is working on a usable XMR<>BTC swap tool. THORChain is working on adding Monero to their cross-chain decentralized liquidity network.

Makes it very obvious that ‘Bitcoin-Monero Atomic Swaps are Near.

Justin Ehrenhofer previously stated, we need to grow the Monero community by meeting people where they are. To this end, we have set up relays to popular Monero IRC channels on our Monero Discord. It makes free voice and text chat possible for members.

The quick facts section in Monero is a way meant to provide newcomers and journalists to get a quick overview of the history of Monero and its ongoing developments.

With Tesla likely to accept Bitcoin for their vehicles the expectation about them accepting other cryptos is brewing.  The community have been calling Elon Musk to Add Monero XMR payments for Tesla.  Monero claims to be the cypherpunk which is currency defending user freedom.

However, some users are very clear that TSLA will never be accepting BTC as the purchase will go through a payment processor and therefore TSLA will get USD. Monero as a payment option for Tesla is still a good idea. Some were left wondering with XMR getting delisted from all US exchanges how can spending be possible.

Users are wondering, when they will be able to directly buy Monero instead of having to buy Bitcoin first?

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