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Ripple XRP Continue to Revolutionize Cross Border Payment Systems

ripple XRP payment system

More than 300+ financial institutions have chosen to make use of RippleNet to identify new markets and new customers.  They are further able to deliver the best in terms of global payments due to which they are also expanding their businesses.

Traditional global payment systems are unreliable, slow, and expensive.  The systems powering these transactions are fragmented and complex.  Ripple facilitates the most advanced blockchain technology that can be used for making global payments.

Ripple XRP facilitates low cost, reliable, instant transactions to anywhere across the world. 

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Ripple XRP is focused on making ethical use of the blockchain technology. Ripple for Good is particularly impressive as they support education, research, and technical development to sustain a global workforce.”

Ripple XRP University Research Blockchain Initiative

Ripple URBI supports several universities from across the world in terms of their academic areas covering cryptocurrency and digital payments in terms of academic research, technical development, and innovation in blockchain. Thus facilitating financial technology in a way to create better economic opportunities for all.

Ripple supports the initiatives of several academic partners listed in the RIPPLE URBI pages. Through the research program, Ripple inspires students and people with diverse backgrounds to become a part of the future workforce.  Ripple is focused on creating a valuable global blockchain ecosystem with great talent, facilitating improved use cases.

Ripple On-Demand Liquidity

Asheesh Birla, Senior VP for Product Management and Corporate Development of Ripple in a webinar “Building Real-Time Settlement into Your Business,” reviewed the progress of the company and explained the advantages of the Ripple product. The webinar also focused on how XRP can be incorporated into everyday use.

MoneyGram, one of the notable partners of Ripple, achieved substantial growth. MoneyGram is a market leader in remittance, and it is available in more than 210 countries.

Brian Armstrong, recently tweeted:  “Trying to send money to pay back a friend. Paypal tells me, “recipient is unable to receive money,” and SquareCash tells me my bank declined the payment. This is in the U.S., where these services work best. Imagine the rest of the world.”

Moneygram, in its reply to Brian, offered their solution with a promo code to try their services. Brian, however, did not seem to have replied to the offer as the community might consider such a reply as an endorsement.

Ripple continues to revolutionize the way money moves every day.  They introduce newer concepts in cross border payment systems, making the experience seamless for users.

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