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Study Reveals That Women Investing In Cryptocurrency Will Double Its Number In Six Months

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The cryptocurrency industry is mostly comprised of male figures. Meanwhile, a study in London Block Exchange, a famous UK based exchange, stated that it would change quickly. Thus, there is a 6% to 13% increase in the female cryptocurrency investment within six months.

LBE also observed that there is an extreme development of the millennial interest, especially among women. It was a usual theme in the industry, wherein millennials start to understand the power of cryptocurrencies and other technologies.

The LBE added that one in five women in the modern generation is likely to join the cryptocurrency industry. According to Agnes de Roeyer, a senior business analyst in LBE, there is still the same misunderstanding that cryptocurrency is a game for men. However, hundreds of women are the most knowledgeable and most inspiring investors in the cryptocurrency market.

It is also said that the growth in men’s interest begins to decrease and women will be dominating the industry over the next months. Based on the reports, 50% of women are less vulnerable to creating irrational investments. More involvement of women in the crypto industry can greatly contribute to improving price levels in the market.

As the prices and retail investment decreases, the involvement of women can help to improve the crypto exchanges. Women can make an effort to attract more female customers. Virginia Rometty, IBM CEO will be more focused on blockchain technologies. Rometty is one of the most popular and powerful women in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Additionally, Kathleen Breit, the CEO of Tezos coin, has become one of the most influential in the industry. In fact, she is one of the original co-founders of the biggest initial coin offerings (ICOs) which have over 230 million dollars for funding.

The current research also revealed that the difference between men and women investment is that women will use more strategic approach. That’s because they are 50% less likely to suffer from fear of missing out (FOMO). Even more important, the study also shows that women are more collaborative compared to men. Thus, women are twice as likely to consult their family and friends with their potential investments.

Research from etero crypto exchange shows that men with 91.5% of investors dominate the cryptocurrency industry. On the other side, women have only 8.5%. But, this trend will quickly change in the next six months.

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