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TCA releases top 5 ICOs to invest in November

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The Currency Analytics has enlisted the BEST and most potential ICOs for investment this month. From delivery to healthcare to identity verification, there is a wide range of crypto platforms to choose from.

November 1, 2018: Attention crypto investors looking for potential ICOs! Leading online news portal The Currency Analytics has recently released a curated list of top 5 ICOs to invest in November. All the ICOs listed are forerunners of revolutionary concepts in the crypto scene and the society overall and promise outstanding returns.

Geeba (geeba.io)

Geeba is all set to dawn in a new age of futuristic delivery service with blockchain, robots and the community. It aims to create a decentralized delivery ecosystem which will allow businesses to conduct deliveries via autonomous vehicles & smart hubs. Geeba aspires to solve the current problems plaguing the last-leg delivery today such as high cost and issues caused by inefficient delivery. The platform is all set to forward a new outlook to the industry by enabling community to take part in the evolution via leveraging blockchain.

The Geeba ICO is scheduled to be launched on the Q4 of 2018.

1 Geeba token = $0.1

Lynked.World (https://tokensale.lynked.world)

It’s an award-winning blockchain-based platform designed to verify digital identity, professional experience as well as education of member professionals. Lynked.World aims to solve the current problematic situation of sharing identity & background verification which is costly, error prone and time consuming. Powered by blockchain, the platform is extending the facility of direct verification of profiles which is revolutionizing the process of information sharing big time.

The first round of Lynked.World token sale is scheduled for November 15, 2018.

1 LYNK token= $0.2275. 35% discount is available for Round 1.

FinanceX (https://financex.io)

FinanceX is a next-generation secured and reliable crypto exchange that allows digital asset purchase, sell and management with traditional local fiat currencies. The platform accepts multiple payment methods for user convenience. The exchange also promises 10% low trading fees compared to coin-to-coin trading.

FinanceX ICO will start on November 21, 2018. 1 FNX token = $0.028.

Mobu (https://mobu.io/)

Mobu holds the “future” of security tokens. It has come up with a decentralized platform that provides a comprehensive solution for ICOs to launch full-compliant security tokens on blockchain.

Mobu ICO will start on November 30, 2018.

NanoHealthCare (NHCT) (https://nhct.io/)

NHCT is an award-winning blockchain-based platform that aspires to create a decentralized health and wellness ecosystem globally. It comes as a complete and comprehensive health management portal which stresses more on preventive instead of reactive clinical care. Thanks to its blockchain base, NHCT is able to prevent the usual issues in conventional healthcare such as data security & data fragmentation problems and high cost.

The NHCT ICO will start one November 14, 2018.

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