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Total Crypto Market Capitalization Stays Tediously At $209 Billion


October 29, 2018, the Monday morning in the cryptocurrency market has no worthy trends to contribute to the reporting.    The market did not move significantly since Sunday.  And, a similar situation was seen in the past week as well.

The total market capitalization stays at $210 billion, and it has not moved anywhere. The price fluctuations for major cryptocurrencies were insignificant as well.

It is worthy to note that early on Thursday, October 25, 2018, OKEx, the major Hong Kong based crypto exchange stated that they are going to delist more than 20 trading pairs that had very low trading volumes and liquidity.

The CFTC commissioner further opined that it is important to have an open mind when dealing with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

The price changes that were noted were not more than 1% for the top 20 coins.  The price fluctuations for Bitcoin showed an 18-month low in volatility over the past 7 days.  The inactivity period of Bitcoin was the longest, and it remained in the same place sideways all the time.  BTC continues to trade at $6,480.  The chances for the price of the Bitcoin to fall down is more when compared to the possibilities of the price sustaining a reversal.  A similar trend is seen concerning Ethereum.  The price is struck at $205. There was no movement in the price either.

When looking into the Altcoin charts, it is seen that there are less red and comparatively more green in terms of the movement.  Since there is not any notable change in the figures, which hovers at less than 0.5% there is very less to write about its trends.

When considering the price movement of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, there is no movement in the prince since yesterday.  Cardano was seen in the red; however, its losses were marginal.

The biggest gain has been posted by Zcash; however, it was at 2.5% to touch the $123 mark.  The price trends for Dash was up by 1.7% to $156; however, there were no movements with respect to the rest of the coin.

In the top twenty Zcash is posting the biggest gain but it is only 2.5% on the day to reach $123. Dash is also up 1.7% to $156, but the rest have not really moved.

Altcoins like Dentacoin and Polymath were gaining somewhere from 12 to 13 percent on Sunday Morning.

Good gains were seen anywhere from 10 and 8% There are no major reported dumps today considering the top one hundred.  The Eternal Token has a 3% decline and continues to be on the top of the list.

The total crypto market capitalization stays tediously at $209 billion with no notable activity for nearly 3 weeks this month.  The overall trend in the day resembles a nano pump and dump movement.  There is no volatility factor exhibited in the trends.

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