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Zendoo from Horizen ($ZEN) Embraces all Forms of Consensus Mechanisms


Horizen ($ZEN) is the most secure interoperable blockchain ecosystem that enables businesses and developers to build fully-customized blockchains and Dapps.

Zendoo is a new solution by Horizen that provides scalability. With Zendoo on Horizen, developers will be able to explore scalability for all forms of consensus.

Zendoo embraces all forms of consensus by its consensus agnostic approach.  A tailored SDK permits businesses and developers to create side chains.  Thus, each of them will be tapping into unique consensus mechanisms, while still permitting cross-chain communications. With Zendoo on Horizen, developers will be able to explore scalability for all forms of consensus.

For those who do not have an idea about consensus mechanism, they are the very foundation of every blockchain. Data authentication and transfer-ability of value takes place by consensus mechanisms.  Where there is a consensus there is an agreement among a group of people. Consensus is the opinion or position reached by a group as a whole.  In blockchain technology, the nodes as a group agreeing to something.

Every transaction happens with consensus.  The ultimate goal is for blockchains to turn into a dynamic system for performing billions of transactions while delivering cutting-edge solutions for data authentication and transfer-ability across a multitude of industries.

Blockchain Consensus covers wide design spectrum based on the numbers of validators and nodes.  There is PoW, PoS, PoH, DPoS, PoA, pBFT, DAG and several others in consensus mechanisms. When there are fewer nodes the communication is fast in the blockchain; however, the network is more vulnerable.  When there are more nodes the communication is slower but it is more secure.

A consensus mechanism is used by nodes in the blockchain or DLT to come in to an agreement about the current state of the network.

The ultimate goal is to create a consensus mechanism, which will enable the least amount of nodes needed to maintain data integrity and network security to broadcast only the most essential transaction details to each other. However, the ultimate goal is to achieve consensus and block confirmation in as little time as possible.

Zendoo is getting interesting.  Developing dapp only on Proof-of-Stake networks represents limitations for developers to be flexible and to adapt to future innovations.

Migrating from a PoW blockchain to a PoS one is a major challenge, but Horizen network and Zendoo can help. Horizen is looking to become the bridge between different consensus mechanisms, as there’s a multichain paradigm.



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