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ApolloX Promises to Provide Data Security and Shopping Protection


According to ApolloX, they are looking forward to testing monopolistic intermediaries with an ecosystem that consists of three building blocks. ApolloX is a reliable decentralized electronic commerce marketplace. The initial part is a protocol that the firm says makes it simple for online retailers to develop decentralized e-commerce app on a blockchain. The 2nd block is the independent online stores which will be built utilizing its system. Lastly, it is the entirety of its community, which includes service providers, manufacturers, consumers and sellers, technologists, with consumers being rewarded once they give value to other stakeholders.

ApolloX claims that the supremacy of big business players has started huge issues. The company alleges that hidden costs, unfair pricing, information abuse as well as the mistreatment of power are byproducts of online commerce giants pursuing approaches to make the most of their gains. As a solution to this, the blockchain driven startup comments it wants to lessen the expenses related to e-commerce by forty percent.

ApolloX asserts that a lot of businesses are stuck in between a hard place and a rock with regards to reaching customers. Electronic tailers often have to utilize these electronic commerce giants when reaching clients, but small businesses typically face substantial charges that left them nothing. The startup notes that these businesses are missing out on relevant information. These issues need to be addressed as the customers who go to their stores, avoiding them from enacting methods which will fuel further development.

The decentralized policy aspires to solve this issue by means of an attribution protocol which allows sellers to track the traffic their stores are getting. This provides customers and sellers the chance to get incentives for improving the amount of client they reach. In due course, this can be a reasonable approach to marketing and get the attention of new clients than usual PPC ads.

On an interview, ApolloX representative says that a token that is customized for its ecosystem has a range of purposes which will add to user’s uptake. While businesses can utilize this currency to pay for service and product listing, shoppers can utilize APXT to purchase services and goods. Frequent consumers also have the chance to earn deals and rewards in APXT by means of a loyalty program.

ApolloX has a plan of holding a token sale for APXT, with money being utilized for further development of its protocol, raise awareness on its platform as well as strike strategic partnerships.

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