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CareParrot Announces Soft Launch of Revolutionary Regulation D (SEC)-Compliant Cryptocurrency Protocol


The CareParrot network will run on a distributed ledger which generates CPX (its own native cryptocurrency) through interactive mining. Users will use the platform to interact with their Doctor directly and 3rd party decentralized applications in one healthcare marketplace. The more a user interacts with CareParrot, the more they are rewarded with CPX, which in turn can be spent within the ecosystem on goods and services.

New cryptocurrencies are appearing almost daily, completely changing how industries work and how we interact with one another. Blockchain has made it possible to interact peer-to-peer without the need for middlemen. Crypto Startups, mostly known as ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) or TGE’s (Token Generation Events) made famous by likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, has taken Crowdfunding and attached turbos. The downfall is that many of these Coin Offerings are starting with just a whitepaper; no product and evades compliance.

However, this is not the case with CareParrot (already boasting multiple products before its launch on November 1st). Unlike others who seek to find ways around the rules only to find themselves excluded from the U.S. market, CareParrot (currently in private sale) chose to domicile within the United States. Being that CareParrot is dealing with a highly sensitive issue such as someone’s health and well-being, the goal is to have a legitimate cryptocurrency-powered technology that is safe, HIPAA compliant, stress-free, localized to the user but with global reach.

“I’m huge on alignment. How can we promote being a safe and secure platform, when we are trying to bypass basic standards and are not secure in our legal policy? We want to reduce stress, not increase it,” said Joseph Lowe, Founder of CareParrot.

CareParrot is ‘Doctor-Patient’ centric and seeks to build products that strengthen this bond and remove third parties who continuously drive a wedge in between these parties and further complicate the process of giving and receiving care.

The Founder Joseph Lowe can be seen on LinkedIn displaying videos of their CareTriage -an intuitive and predictive Triage that addresses chokepoints like reducing wait times in waiting rooms giving Doctors happier patients — application, that he calls “real products” in response to many startups who request funding, but haven’t delivered even an MVP (Minimally Viable Product).

Other products include D.D.A.S. (Doctor Directory Appointment System that addresses the shortage of 94,700 Doctors) which offers to match you with the perfect Doctor based on your Triage data (Karla knows best, CareParrot’s fun mascot), and you can book your Primary Care Doctor or Specialist’s calendar online in a manner that is easy and convenient for you.

Why a Parrot?
Joseph Lowe explains that a Parrot is loving, nudging, mimics you and can repeat the words back to your perfectly. CareParrot nudges you in the right direction because it loves you, it wants you healthier and happier. Thanks to blockchain technology, CareParrot can record medical notes, reduce medical errors and give patients true authority with their data.

CareParrot plans to explore and possibly release an AI (Artificially Intelligent) powered Karla the CareParrot as its universal personal healthcare assistant approx. around April of 2019 (TBD).

Benefits of Platform:

• Doctors can reduce costs and see more patients without risking quality.
• Eases access for patients and grants those in underserved areas a universal digital health currency
• Data is decentralized and encrypted deterring hacks most common with the current centralized big data banks
• A cryptocurrency that takes 103 years to unlock all 3.612 Billion coins (CPX)
• Utilizes a gamified experience (Core Miner + Badge system) to increase retention and user engagement
• Borderless, Secure, Interoperable, HIPAA compliant, Fun and Social
• Due to 3rd party apps being able to collaborate with an crypto-handshake, the platform has global scale but can be applied at a local level. Tailored fit.

Founded in 2015 and recently Incorporated in Wyoming July 2018. CareParrot (“CPX”) is the future of personalized medicine on blockchain. CareParrot already has multiple products prepared for launch Nov 1st, 2018, is in Private Sale and is now working on completing the protocol layer featuring the Core Miner and it’s first product on blockchain, D.D.A.S.

For more information regarding this press release, CareParrot’s private sale offering, or its products and services, please contact:

Joseph Lowe

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://careparrot.com
Telegram: https://t.me/careparrot

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