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Daniel Coheur of Tokeny To Speak at Security Token Academy

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Daniel Coheur, Chief Strategy Officer of Tokeny will be speaking at the Security Token Academy. Of note, Tokeny is one of the sponsors of the conference.  There are several other speakers at the event too.

Topics of the panel discussions will consist of “custody and transfer agents; international exchanges; investors; primary issuance and secondary trading; regulation; real estate; technical foundations of security tokens; and tokenization platforms.” launch event will bring together industry experts who will be discussing the emerging industry in depth.

The panel will be focusing major topics like the future “SEC regulations, tokenization companies and security trading organizations, technical foundations for the security token industry, tokenization of real estate, international exchanges, and more.”

The Security Token Academy focuses on the evolution of the security token industry.  Information about the tickets are available at the website of the Security Token Academy.

The launch event will concentrate on an expert series of live videos “offering expert series of live online video, panel discussions, interviews and in-person events to explore the evolution of the security token industry.”

Location & time:

  • October 4 (6:30 – 10:00 pm): Celebratory dinner cruise and networking opportunities will take place on the Spirit of New York yacht.
  • October 5 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm): Panel discussions and networking opportunities will take place at the Conrad Hotel (102 North End Avenue, New York”

The event is being sponsored by Merrill Lynch, Private Banking & Investment Group, Securrency, AnyPay, Clifford Chance, Harbor, KoreConX, Prime Trust, SeedInvest, StartEngine, TokenSoft, Tokeny, tZero, Vertalo, Verify Investor, LLC, and Weild & Company.

Leaseum Partners will be making use of Tokeny’s end-to-end platform in order to create tokens and to launch their $250 million tokenized real estate portfolio.

The Tokeny team is providing its users with skills from the Traditional Securities Industry in combination with Blockchain Technology.

The high caliber Leaseum Partners are glad to be using blockchain for investment.  The Partners focus on high quality delivery with low risk execution for their retail investors.

The tokenization of real estate will allow retail investors to be able to have fractional ownerships in high-cost investments.

Leaseum Partners CEO, Steve Sillam explains that “Liquidity” is the major advantage of tokenized funds. Crowd sourcing sufficient capital to buy a single expensive property gets a lot easier. “Traditionally, your only two options are investing directly into individual properties, or investing in funds usually reserved to very big institutional investors. Tokenized securities will bring more liquidity into what’s traditionally an illiquid asset class. Tokens will effectively be digital shares in a real estate fund, that accredited investors will be able to trade freely on security tokens exchanges.”

Leaseum will be issuing commercial real estate tokens for real estate investments in New York City, thereby permitting investors to be able to own a piece from the Big Apple.

The securities will be compliant with all local financial regulations, governed by the SEC in the US, the FCA in the UK, etc. Only accredited investors will be able to participate in the Online sale that will take place in Q4 2018.  The security tokens come with dividends, voting rights, payout from rental income and capital appreciation, and redemption rights.

Visit leaseum partners website : https://www.leaseumpartners.com/

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