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DECOIN the First POS Exchange Platform that Shares its Profits, Announces New ICO Schedule

Decoin – the first POS Crytpocurrency that shares profits with the coin holders is officially announcing the new and updated schedule of the ICO. The new crypto coin that is generating buzz over its unique features, such as a loyalty reward of 6.2% annual interest return on average for all of its coin holders, is expected to make a splashing entrance on the finance markets in 2018. Here is the official schedule, provided by the Decoin team to the audience:

  • ICO pre-sale at $0.55 is available till April 22
  • Pre-ICO sale at $0.6 is happening from April 23 till May 20

After the official launch of the ICO the prices and schedule are the following:

  • ICO sale at $0.65 will be on from May 22 till May 28
  • ICO sale at $0.70 is available from May 29 till June 4
  • ICO sale at $0.80 would be offered from June 5 to June 11

Those who are interested in purchasing the coin should also know that at the end of the ICO, the official release of the coin will be at a starting price of $0.90 and it would be available from middle of June. After that date, the clients would be able to purchase the coin at its starting price at few other exchanges as well as Decoin.io.

What is Decoin?

Decoin, also branded as “De Coin of De People” is a decentralized customer-care focused cryptocurrency. The new platform is based on the Blockchain technology and is utilizing a POS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm, allowing the clients to get rewarded for their loyalty by a 6.2% annual interest return on average. Moreover, according to the team of Decoin it has been working towards providing the highest possible security levels for the users, to make sure they can experience the world of trading without any worry. For example, 97% of the customers’ funds are stored offline and the rest 3% of the liquidity is insured by an insurance company.

What are the added values to the Decoin Holders?

As a customer-care focused cryptocurrency, Decoin has prepared plenty of benefits to its users. Starting with the one-of-a-kind POS algorithm that will provide a guaranteed loyalty reward of a 6.2% average annual increase for all the coin holders, Decoin has promised to be the first POS that will think so devotedly for its clients. In addition, Decoin holders will remain unaffected by the volatility of the market. This means that regardless all the market ups and downs, the coin holders will still be able to enjoy profits from transaction fees and daily accumulated volumes on the Decoin exchange. Furthermore, Decoin has come up with the first ever exchange platform that will allow the coin holders to have a direct access to profits with the use of their personal D-TEP credit card. That’s not all. Decoin has planned to launch a multilingual online customer services on a worldwide level to provide the best education and support for the users on the crypto scene.

Customers, interested in finding out more about DECOIN are encouraged to visit the official website: https://www.decoin.io or send an e-mail to the support team: [email protected]

WhitePaper: https://www.decoin.io/Decoin-WhitePaper- v1.81-28.03- en.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/xDECOIN

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